Monday, December 29, 2008

Tickling Mom

No matter how much of a drag ass you are, I'll bet if someone tickled you now, you'd laugh your ass off! I remember growing up, my step father had a best friend/cousin named Murphy. All the men in his family have deep baritone voices. I remember a couple of times Murphy came for a visit after my brother and I were already in bed.. At that time we shared a room.. If we were already asleep, the sound of his voice would wake us up! And we'd immediately cringe. We knew that in a matter of seconds, Murphy would barge into our room and start tickling our feet! If he started with me, my brother would laugh in anticipation of having his turn.. Loving it and hating it at the same time! He'd make us laugh 'til we cried, ticking off my mother who would always chase him out of our room, as if all that tickling was going to somehow stunt our growth, or keep us from getting back to sleep!

[But now that I think of it, there's more.... As I was finishing up this article... I had to come back and add the rest of the story: The biting part! Murphy's tickle fests would end with him also biting our toes! That's why we'd end up crying after all the laughing! I started to recall the biting part.. remembering that.. as much as it was pleasurable to get tickled, we did hate the fact that that wierd-o would also bite us! Yuck! That's why mother would be ticked off! I'm gonna ask my mother about this tomorrow!]

This evening, my daughter and I were slouched on the sofa for a couple of hours... She on one end, I on the other.. watching our favorite junk t.v. episodes together... Mine first: Antiques Roadshow. Then hers: Intervention. I'm sipping Thera-Flu, still, and she's eating pipas! Two hours of bliss and uninterrupted togetherness! Finally! When I decided I wanted to tickle her. OMG! She was almost losing her ever lovin' mind... Pushing and laughing uncontrollably, begging for more tickles, then begging for "Air, mom, air!!" I reminded her of our nightly bath, and tuck-in ritual when she was little, that almost always ended up in a tickle fest! And she always always asked for more, even as I pleaded with her out of exhaustion that we had to save some for tomorrow!

All was calm on the living room couch again, when 15 minutes later, I suddenly had the chance to recall my own ticklishness. My daughter turned the tables on me! My girl advanced toward me with those wicked tickle fingers of hers.. aiming for my tummy... then my throat.. and then my tummy again.. Yes! I still have a tummy! ..I started screaming and laughing ridiculously! I couldn't believe the silly sounds coming out of me! And yet, I couldn't tolerate the fun of it as long as she did.. I was at the point of insisting that she stop! But since she was having a blast, I didn't really want to cut that short. It finally wound down, as she stood over me exclaiming "Oh my gosh, mom! That laugh!" I felt just a little self conscious and embarrassed that I'd made the silliest stupidest laughing noises ever! Worst than that lady in that Poise commercial! You know?

"What makes people ticklish?" I like this answer. In short, it's a physiological defense.. that also satisfies our need for touch. And this: "And, no matter how hard you try, it is nearly impossible to tickle yourself." Isn't that something? As children getting tickled then, as grown ups doing the tickling now.. AND as grownups getting tickled.. It it theeee most fun expression of love!

I once put on my profile that I was interested in a ticklish man.. Not someone that I could literally tickle, but someone who was open to laughing out loud and getting really silly - if the time was right for it! --My daughter just yelled from the living room...."11:11, make a wish!" I stopped typing, put my hands together and among other things, I did wish that in 2009 to meet a really nice FUN-loving (ticklish) man that would ..... well.. The rest is sorta private! LOL

Having fun over here!
Good night!

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