Saturday, September 5, 2009

I feel a sin coming on ....

It's been months since I updated my other blog with ramblings about the checkbook dad. I've been trying to be really good about not giving this child support evader/ex-patriot too much thought and precious energy.. while I do the needful for my daughter.

Emails to his Lakenheath AFB account bounced back, and his personal checks were replaced by postal money orders a few months ago. And he's still using the same APO return address of the past 15 years. Although... Thanks to the USPS RETURN TO SENDER notification.. Last year's AP summer school course and last fall's emergency room bills were both forwarded to a PO Box in Jersey.. but then returned to me with NO KNOWN FORWARDING ADDRESS. So he's no longer in the UK .. eh? Then where?

Well, the money orders do come in envelopes post marked "Delaware."

When I didn't want to get married 17 years ago, he got angry and swore he'd leave the country. Said he didn't want a judge telling him what to do and when to do it. So for the past 16 years, he's been having it his way. Sending what he wants when he wants. And he hasn't seen my daughter since the summer after September 11th and he hasn't spoken to her since 2005. The Attorney General of the State of Texas claims he hasn't been able to serve the checkbook dad with a petition to appear in court since 1993. Isn't that pathetic?

Every now and again I'll Google his name to see what I can find out. Behold! A few nights ago, I discovered that.. the Dover (DELAWARE) Post published a list of Deeds and Permits in August 2008. This is what I found out about the where abouts of the checkbook dad...

"LHID Riverview LLC to Bobby L. Floyd, Jr., Riverview Estate subdivision, Lot 8, South Murderkill Hundred, 22,533 sq. ft, $310,000." Isn't that somethin'?

I've been thinking for the past couple of years that he's not worth the energy of a bounty hunter. And I couldn't afford it anyway. But my daughter has verbalized that she feels entitled to a fair just amount of financial support from him, even if he chooses not to be present in her life. She feels I should fight for that. Sometimes I feel pursuing a scammer would be futile. It's unbelievable that he chooses not to provide for her just to spite me.

Ok.. So. I feel a sin coming on...

I feel the need to get passionately pissed off, and get a passionately pissed off bounty hunter and get a passionately pissed off lawyer and perhaps even file a passionately pissy law suit against the Attorney General of the State of Texas.. for not considering my child entitled to their all out efforts for the past 16 years. Actually 17. Yes.. I went to them and told them even before I gave birth, that he said he would leave the country.. They laughed me out of the court room.

Well.. I'm not on welfare and never have been.. But maybe I'll file for some of that, too! Just to see how fast they can represent my child's interests for a change! Now that we know he's on American soil and we know exactly where that soil is.

I haven't wanted my child to see me angry or for her to experience anger toward her father.. He's human. And "doing the best he can." Yeah. I know he's a derelict and a dead beat, but one who's been running and avoiding and lying to every one for 17 years! But the fact is, she does manage to harbor anger and resentment, quietly inside her mind and heart, and those feelings manage to escape on occasion. AND our entire family has to manage and deal with the aftermath of that.. on occasion. What I do want for her now is.. for a judge to put his arrogant derelict ass in his place, and enter a judgment for child support AND back child support on her behalf!! AND I want them to ENFORCE it!!

But please don't tell him I said that. I swear to God, he'll run like a mad dog.


MOMSWEB said...

Is the sin wanting revenge, wanting justice served, or your possible actions behind your anger?
You can do what you have to do without sin, what you GOTTA do!

JackiesMagic said...

The sin I suppose, is me ENJOYING every bit of his injury and exposure, as the judge tells him what to do and when to do it, and ENJOYING immensely, my daughter reject any attempt of his, at reconciliation.