Friday, October 16, 2009

Who do you know?

I have a reader who asked me to write more poems. Amazingly, as I receive accolades for my writing, I sometimes feel like I don't really have a good enough voice to call any poem I write "poetry." Inspired when something I think, might rhyme have rhythm or sync, I have to compose on the spot! An old friend popped in to check in, this morning. He's a good guy, like my little brother, and lives long distance. I immediately wanted to ask him.. "Who do you know?"

So here goes..

Who do you know?

Now you know I'm 47. But no one can tell. LOL..
I read and write and communicate well.
I'm pretty drama free. And I don't want any!
I've got plenty good sense, and libido I got plenty!
Hard to find around here is a serious single man.
For my child to admire. For me to be his right hand.
I'm strong and I'm smart and I'm spiritually centered.
But Act II of my life is soon to be entered.
Don't wanna play house no more alone, you see.
So who do you know who'd like to get to know me?

~ © October 16, 2009 , JackiesMagic, All rights reserved.


Gail said...


Great poem. I like your style. :-)

Love Gail

MOMSWEB said...

Love it! This probably came right off the top of your head.

Believer said...

What I like about this is that you’re putting out a clear message that you're ready. What is most important are the specifics and your honesty about wanting the best for you.

It happened for me in ACT II, so I'm believing with you! :)

Nothing is too hard for God!

Matthew 6:33
Jeremiah 29:11

Sandra said...

Love the poem. You are on your way. I read much of the same stuff you do. On the same page. All is well. I see you growing in happiness and peace.