Monday, December 28, 2009

Accentuating the Positive

I love what Wayne Dyer says.. "Attitude is everything, so pick a good one." If we look close enough, hard enough we will see inspiration, hope, optimism and happiness even in the face of negative circumstances...
I've been guilty of not choosing a positive attitude on occasion. I guess I have an excuse. I've been through a lot of schtuff (my polite word for shit) this past year! You've read of my bouts with judgment fatigue.. Yep,
I have worn myself out about job interviews, my daughter turning 16 and driving, the church; baptists in particular, my car, my mom, my loneliness.. When I do this, I lose sight of what is real. What is true.

So from now on, I am determined to be the one who is most positive. If not for the benefit of everyone I come in contact with, but for myself. Here's how I plan to pull this off:
  • Surround my life with positive people. Get rid of the bad, keep the good. Get rid of the good, keep the great. Get rid of the great, keep the magnificent. If you're in my life right now, then you are magnificent!
  • Enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Oatmeal vs. IHop. Basic cable vs. premium..
  • Laugh out loud. Be around people that make me laugh. I laugh even when I'm pissed. That's something new for me. And sitcoms like I Love Lucy to stand-up comedians like Chris Rock really help me get my laugh on. Yes.. Chris Rock! I'm grown, I can do that!
  • Extreme self care and self love. Take spa baths vs. showers. And you'll just have a wait if we're on our way out. And I have toys in lieu of boys. uummhmmmmmm
  • Smile and have fun. Greet people. Talk to strangers. When my daughter got her drivers license the other day, I told everyone in the parking lot at Target. Our 1st stop after the DMV. You wouldn't believe how fun that was for ME!
  • Help someone in need. I never really volunteered until I was helping the Gifts For Moms Project. I don't feel I did much, but what I did mattered to others. And that was gratifying.
  • Remember the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. What I put out, I get. And I only want to get love.

  • Mrs. B over at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom really cheered me up with her New Year's Ritual for Letting Go (of the negatives and reflecting on the positive). Go and read it: "A Spell for the New Year: Flushing the Negative Away".

Happy Holidays!

And may your glass always be half full!

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