Sunday, September 18, 2016

Now There Is Something For Black Hair in Direct Sales: Introducing MONAT

I am a MONAT Market Partner. And MONAT Market Partners are part of the demographic of black haircare products distributors... and the multi-billion dollar black haircare industry. MONAT has successfully completed clinical trials on ethnic hair. You don't have to worry if it'll work for your hair type or issue. You don't have to quit your full-time gig to earn great money on the side sharing this haircare brand.  But you can, if you want to.  We've got countless hair stylists, estheticians, beauty consultants offering MONAT to their existing clients. Yes, it's a luxury brand. It's an exquisite product. Most people don't even blink at the price. Their hair is their crown.. They indulge. Others with serious hair loss issues, rejoice & weep at the results! VIP customers are spoiled even more! Damaged hair & scalp will mend. Short hair will grow. Dull hair will glow. And if it's extra income you need.. The compensation is fabulous. Please buy MONAT haircare from me. Sign up to sell MONAT with me. If neither interests you right now, please share my MONAT link -- 

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Read more about the "Changing Business of Black Hair, A Potentially $500b Industry," in this Huffington Post article:

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