Monday, October 10, 2016

How To Get Away With Surgery: Faith.

The lifeline that carries me through all the schtuff that I can possibly go through in life, is the gift of faith.  I once had a minister tell me in that it was apparent to him that I was covered in faith.  I knew that already but but after that, I wore it like I wore my skin. Proudly. Never removed. Fast forward to right now, though... some 16 years later, as I lay aside my self-centered faith to finally dwell on the fragility of my mother's pain riddled body.  Thus, the fragility of her life, as she goes to sleep before waking up to go to surgery in the morning.  No. I'm not suddenly scared about anything, but somehow I suddenly realize how thin the walls  between the worlds are, when someone  goes under the knife. Even if it is for one of the most  common and successful operations in all of medicine.  Praying for her safe  journey through this physical and spiritual experience of trusting medical professionals with her life, and praying that I refrain from minimizing the actual trauma of this procedure because of my faith.  I love my mother dearly. My faith tells me she will be alright through it and feel better and live better after it.  Amen.


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