Saturday, October 1, 2016

Number 1 Type B Babe Looking for Other Type B Babes

Dallas area Monat Market Partner looking to create a tribe of direct sales / network marketing achievers.  I know you. You're like me.  Type B.  You know, the little sibling of your Type A sister.  

Type B?  Not powerless but not without inhibitions. Not afraid of what people think but afraid of what you know about the beasts called multi-task and stress.

I've learned my lessons about my warm market.. We all have one and they are seemingly uninterested in your supposedly get rich quick dreams.  They just don't understand. They don't know any better.  But it doesn't matter!!!! 😩 

This is not about them. 

This is about you.

Send me an email to join the tribe of Type Bs With a Plan B.  You do not need to be a MONAT Market Partner to join.  

I will respond at jackies magic at yahoo.

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