Tuesday, November 29, 2016

When Will Our Culture Really Stop Hating On Women?

With this essay I am standing up for women in response to this meme posted on the Power of Positivity Facebook page.  

My position is this....

Every woman is strong by virtue of having a uterus,  a vagina, breasts, a brain, and a heart.  Even if she's had a hysterectomy, zero babies or eight, breast cancer, a heart attack. Even if she's been assaulted, abused, fired, lied to and cheated on... Even if she's CEO married to a CEO with 4 Eagle Scouts and 3 Prima Ballerinas for offspring.. Even if she's been accused and convicted... Every now and again she's entitled to play the victim, have some self pity, point the finger of blame ... and scream and have a freaking conniption and take a stand that she doesn't want to stand and f***ing deal!!  I'm kinda tired of other women and men labeling women and their emotions and reactions and realities... trying to make your ability to roll with the punches (right now) look like you've got it better going on.  You don't. So knock it off.

It's amazing to me that even with this resurgent women's movement, we still miss the mark and hate on each other for being feminine.. women... powerful and fragile and vulnerable, like we say it's okay for men to be sometimes.  And not telling her the truth, when she makes a mistake or mis-steps, or has lipstick on her teeth, or needs to wipe her nose -because why? Your family roots run deeper?  You were raised better? You've got it good? ...She doesn't need you? You don't need her?

News flash! The true Power of Positivity is  playing well together as women and supporters of women's issues, and loving it.  It's not spreading the word on what strong women mustn't do or feel or say or be, to look better in public.

If this doesn't make sense to you now, it'll come to you later.

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