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Happiness to EVERYONE..

The holiday season has always been a favorite mental escape for me.  I am a kid at heart, so, why not take advantage of the season that is designed for kids? Presents? Christmas trees?  Sugar Cookies? Ceel-Lo Green's Christmas album outdoing Kenny G's?-not for kids.  Pepperminty and Cinnamony aromatherapy things?   
But first!  The more serious side of the Christmas season in the United States of America:  Remembering the true meaning of it.  

For the rest of us who also enjoy Santa, elves, reindeer, and magic, and shopping and inclusiveness of others who are not fundamentally Christian but fundamentally loving and good, and Godly, who come with traditions and festivals and reasons for the season that happen to coincide with Christmas... I say... "Happy Holidays!"

I dare you to do the Buddy the Elf Santa Scream...

Go into a mall where Santa is and yell, "SANTA!!!, OH MY GOD, I Know Him!"

Buddy knows an imposter when he sees one. I'm the saaaame way …

Jackie Cooks Wellness: Simple Cabbage Soup

I invented cabbage soup accidentally. Ooh, it always existed, I just didn't know it. While visiting my mother, I bought a small cabbage and put it in her fridge.  The fridge that freezes eggs and milk and... cabbages if you put 'em in the wrong spot. Since my cabbage was frozen I decided to make a soup of it.  I love cabbage. I usually stir fry cabbage with green and red and orange veggies, and serve with steamed jasmine or basmati rice and orange chicken or Mongolian beef. That's another wellness recipe post.  Back to the cabbage soup...
I've since learned that cabbage soup is in the healing soups genre up there next to chicken noodle soup, when you're feeling a little under the weather or in severe sick mode.

So here is how I do it normally for 4-6 servings:
Ingredients - 1 small organic cabbage  1 small organic sweet onion  2 tsp minced garlic  1 can of organic stewed tomatoes. Seasoned or unseasoned. 1-2 cans organic chicken broth  1 tablespoon grapeseed or olive oil  ga…

2016. The Year So Many We Know Did Not Wake Up. Including Mama.

This is my first Christmas without Mama.  But what those in her world don't know.. Maybe they do; Our family just doesn't realize they know, is that in her house, there was no set tradition or rituals of advent for grands and great-grands settling in to await Santa, or discuss the gift of the Christ birth over bacon, grits, biscuits, honeydew.  Sure, the outside of her house got decorated, thanks to Connie, and there'd be a poinsettia or two about the living room amongst the glass and ceramic menagerie of angels and nativity she would upload from some box under her bed, and all the new Christmas cards that trickled in from near and far, she'd put on display in neat array.  She never moved or hid the old non-seasonal stuff already on display.  They'd just get scooted over to make room for Jesus. Never room for an official Christmas tree, but there was always room for more tabletop ornaments and thoughtful candy dishes she was sure to get.  And that one…

MOTHERHOOD: The No Gimmick, No Hype, Gift of a Lifetime. So Get It Right!

The most important thing I have learned as a single mom whose only child has moved on to graduate studies thousands of miles farther away than her undergrad university, is that ... I am still a single mom.  Not in the sense of parenting solo, but in the sense that she and I are still a package deal.  In the spiritual sense; with a unique alliance, like twins must have.
Even with a collection of mentors and a cohort in every city on every coast, this young woman, still gets my support and guidance.  For me, raising my child alone, I found that time moved more slowly than other mothers purport. This gift of time, cultivated a very strong bond.  We took a ton of pictures, too. We talk about everything.  Her friends can talk to me about anything. My friends who've followed this blog since 2008 know the stories of beta fish resuscitation, driving lessons, temperament and migraines, and more! She's grown and gone, now. And though she's certainly no longer my passion, she i…