Wednesday, December 14, 2016

MOTHERHOOD: The No Gimmick, No Hype, Gift of a Lifetime. So Get It Right!

The most important thing I have learned as a single mom whose only child has moved on to graduate studies thousands of miles farther away than her undergrad university, is that ... I am still a single mom.  Not in the sense of parenting solo, but in the sense that she and I are still a package deal.  In the spiritual sense; with a unique alliance, like twins must have.
From my digital album: My Christmas Card to her, 2009.  Photo 01-04-2014. She was a sophomore in college.
Even with a collection of mentors and a cohort in every city on every coast, this young woman, still gets my support and guidance.  For me, raising my child alone, I found that time moved more slowly than other mothers purport. This gift of time, cultivated a very strong bond.  We took a ton of pictures, too. We talk about everything.  Her friends can talk to me about anything. My friends who've followed this blog since 2008 know the stories of beta fish resuscitation, driving lessons, temperament and migraines, and more! She's grown and gone, now. And though she's certainly no longer my passion, she is someone who's shown me how to nurture my own.  Children tend to do that, if you're paying attention. Not just for her sake, but for my own cause. According to Dr. Seuss, she knew the places she would go.  Without me.  

Before I was her mother, I never even knew motherhood would be so powerful and beautiful.

Anyone can teach you about love... but I can make you good at it!

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