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Get Yourself A "Real" Life Coach in 2017: You.

Happy 2017!  
I woke up last Wednesday, January 4th, feeling clear headed but a little unrested. My kiddo was back in her grad school grind by 2 days already, and my mother practically begged me to stay with her that Tuesday. Anxiety, she said.  And even though the start of this new week was the start of a new year, I hadn't come up with any definite purpose for each day, let alone the entire year. Thus, my little bit of unrest stress... with attachments I call gentle reminders.  So here I am, January 9th, in the beginning stages of a life-changer plan that I ... happened upon?  Well...

It's been said when the student is ready the teacher will appear.  Well.. an intelligence I recognize, even in my sleep awoke with me on the 4th and in my resistance to remaining my same spiritual sensual soulful self, I asked to be beautifully graced with something better than that!  

Enter.... Gentle Reminder #1
Of that divine mandate to write, since last month's First Friday Drum Circle and Labryinth Walk.  Yet the Divine hasn't  presented the financial aid package that will keep disruptors from interrupting my muse. Not a starving artist by any measure, I'm too faithful. But, if I'm to have a stronger sense of devotion to writing, I've gotta eat.  But write, I shall.. as obedience to this final calling is essential to life.

Gentle Reminder #2
As quickly as I added about 30 new Facebook friends in December 2016, I went about deleting them all and then some, in one ruthless fell swoop on January 3rd 2017.  I thought I needed each of them.. To look up to.  To admire.  To copy.  For inspiration.  For motivation.  These gorgeous women of color, self proclaimed and independent authors, and speakers, and entrepreneurs that Facebook said I might like.  After a month of following, and observing, not a one acknowledged my presence, not a one liked 1 photo or video I posted, or any anecdotal meme I shared, or responded to the personalized inbox thank you's I wrote.  Making me feel less inspired, and making them less and less attractive to me, and more-so less admired by me. Asking Siri to ask Google... "Why are there so many people calling themselves life coach?"  The  answer was unconscious: delete, delete, delete. delete, delete, delete. delete, delete, delete...

Gentle Reminder #3
Kelly Howell and Brainsync.  Why don't I own the Brainsync meditation mp3 for Positive Thinking? I suppose up until now, I didn't think I needed it.  But my family and I are no exception to the- slightly dysfunctional during the holiday -rule.  For every good thing I know and love about each of my people I discovered 7 new things I can't stand about 'em.  Yep. And I'm pretty sure I showed off some hidden talents of my own. But through our 2 episode series of disconnection, miscommunication, misinterpretation,  this holiday season, somethings got said that I just can't get out of my head. I need the Theta waves  and subliminal obliteration for undermining temporary unhappiness.  Let me stop and shop now.  But wait!  After listening to a youtube presentation of said audio, up next was a commercial... well, more like an infomercial by a captivating teacher I'd never before known.  First name Tai.  Last name Lopez. Touched and impressed that knowledge is power, as his core hour long message.  I bought into it.  Hook, line and sinker. A teacher teaching about self remembrance, self fulfillment, and self consciousness... self taught! that costs $67.  But before I could get my payment submitted, I got a $30 discount!   I CAN afford to be the person I hope to be by the end of 2017!  And I don't have to go to Vegas or Houston.

I don't know about you when gentle reminders come up for you, but my gentle reminders are an uprising in my soul, revisiting and compelling me to not forget the seeds that were planted lest they quickly sink back into the earth, unattended to.  These three  reminders mentioned above are just 3 of many I'm bound to experience in 2017..  Heck, today alone, I had hella powerful recollections to interpret. Leaving the most compelling one ignored, for it just didn't make sense for me to explore it.. Today.  It could have been a waste of time to drive 50 miles out of the way, to initiate it.. if I weren't so profoundly engaged with my Higher Self I would have ditched everything I was in the middle of to do so.. I mean, even though as a contractor between projects and a writer with a deepest longing for a sustainable lucrative income source that never goes away, the agent of desire to switch gears on a dime, is just - to be frank, ridiculous... Today.

And That's The Beauty of You.
If nothing else, you too, can DIY and make 2017 the year you coach yourself into fulfillment and prosperity.  Be as Source to yourself, just as I am the number one project I'm working on, above all others, holding myself accountable to create and cultivate  the plan. As a creative, I feel two passions; my spiritual passions that I categorize as teaching only love - when I say, "Anybody can teach you about love, but I can make you good at it," and my entrepreneurial income earning passions, such as marketing and promoting brands I love, being a bad-ass executive support professional and meeting planner and customer service and event services specialist, and writing for a living.  The mentality is: taking care of this-ness now, or distraction addiction and dissatisfaction forever.

You can keep finding so called coaches to follow on social media, and use them up as barometers of your successes and failures throughout the year,  and liking everything they say, including their politics and religion, and watching every video they post, or you can be your own life coach, studying on your own, gaining knowledge and confidence and insight and wisdom with the voice you own, entering what is known as....

 -- a "divine state free of pride and comparing... the place from which there is nowhere to fall...  It is a place where all negative emotions subside.  It is a place of humility an ordinariness... with no need for confirmation and no fear of opposition. "   -- From a book called Light Comes Through by Dzigar Kongtrul

And so it is: Knowledge is power.  And with all of your getting get understanding... of yourself.  Be creative with less consumption.  Read and learn and read some more.  Then, write about it.  It doesn't have to be a book. Blog.  Or keep your personal journal.  Provide a service, practice meditation, give somebody their space, support someone else's dream, somehow.  You will know what to do, what that looks like when it gets presented to you.  Just like I do.  So grateful for Tai Lopez.  Look him up. See how he speaks to you.

If I can do this for myself, You can do this for you.  Happy 2017!


*P.S. I am not an affiliate to Brain Sync, Kelly Howell or Tai Lopez.

Anyone can teach you about love... but I can make you good at it!
| Any original photo & this commentary by Jackie D. Rockwell |All Rights Reserved © 2017 |


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