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I don't know about you when gentle reminders come up for you, but my gentle reminders are an uprising in my soul, revisiting and compelling me to not forget the seeds that were planted lest they quickly sink back into the earth, unattended to.  These three  reminders mentioned above are just 3 of many I'm bound to experience in 2017..  Heck, today alone, I had hella powerful recollections to interpret. Leaving the most compelling one ignored, for it just didn't make sense for me to explore it.. Today.  It could have been a waste of time to drive 50 miles out of the way, to initiate it.. if I weren't so profoundly engaged with my Higher Self I would have ditched everything I was in the middle of to do so.. I mean, even though as a contractor between projects and a writer with a deepest longing for a sustainable lucrative income source that never goes away, the agent of desire to switch gears on a dime, is just - to be frank, ridiculous... Today.

The next day, I felt it again. Actually, I deliberately embraced the prompting from the day before, and made the time to follow through.  The day before, that suggestion seemed absurd. But this day, I took it to heart. Before I knew it, I was going through the motions of creating the future I am in now. And now, I am deliberately creating the future I will be in three months from now. And six months from now, what I do three months from now, will be a reflection of my deliberate creations of three months ago. Does this make sense?  For the first time in a very long time, I am actually manifesting exactly what I intend to. Taking into consideration, diversions, distractions, fears, break downs, expenses... whatever!   I am here to tell you, the solution to all of that is- listen and obey.

Also, in that past article I said, that you can be your own life coach in 2017.  But make no mistake, I did not mean, that you won't need anyone outside of yourself to help get you to a point of self sufficiency.  I realize who my other life coaches are.  I call them friends. They answer. They charge me nothing. Though, they should not.  Maybe because there is this mutual exchange of love and care and support between us.   I adore these enlightened souls God has blessed me with.  They laugh with me, and more importantly, they get me... Like Jimmy Fallon or somethin. Heyheyheyhey!

But I digress.  If nothing else, please take away from this writing: if something within you is compelling you to change your mind or feelings about something, don't ignore that.  I chose to listen and follow the path of the most compelling (and most resistance) and ended up back in college, full time.  I know I know.. I did say never again to college full time!  But this time, I AM on the path of my true art..  writing.  I should not be amazed at how the universe delivers, but I am.  I just am..

Jackie D. Rockwell (left) reading her essay with Documentary Photographer Jeanine Michna-Bales (glasses) and others,
at the Artist Talk @ Photos Do Not Bend PDNB Gallery in Dallas, Texas
for Jeanine-Michna-Bales' Documentary Photography Exhibit,
Through Darkness to Light: Seeking Freedom on The Underground Railroad.

| This photo from FB. Article copyright by Jackie D. Rockwell |All Rights Reserved © 2017 |


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