Sunday, June 11, 2017

Jackie D. Rockwell & Candy Publishing LLC

"Sometimes, other people see something in us we can't see in ourselves." No truer words were ever spoken than by the late writer, author, bold soul.. Lisa Taylor Huff.  Whilst I was following Lisa's adventures as an expat writer and blogger in Paris, circa 2008, I was making other friends with other writers/mommy bloggers stateside, such a LaVender Williams. LaVender liked my style of writing. She saw something is me, and couldn't stop telling me so.  As it turns out we had more than our Navy careers in common. We shared a love for sharing our personal and spiritual experiences and encouragement as moms and women with others online.  She would go on to write and self publish several books of her own, and create a writers coaching workshop and publishing company! And she would always be graciously in my face about finishing my own book(s). Then finally, she nabbed me to help coach aspiring writers, and edit and proof-read manuscripts for ministers and good souls with stories to tell. And so it is..  I am honored to be called to serve in partnership with Candy Publishing..

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