Sunday, June 11, 2017

Jackie D. Rockwell, The Memoir Maker™

I asked Dallas wedding and real estate photographer Eric Scott of The Dallas Photographers, what practical tips and advice he had for what I could do to make a name for myself as a writer and documentary photographer, since I wasn't interested in a career as a commercial or studio photographer. After two solid years as a commercial photography student w/14 more studio photography classes to go, I told him that I'm more interested in writing and I'm not spending another semester or another dime in pursuit of this certification. He told me with a straight face- to specialize in documentary & memoir photography using my iPhone. My eyes lit up!

I'd already been using my iPhone to take stunning photos (imho), and I also intended to use it to take snappy wedding photos at snappy weddings, an idea that's been cultivating for a couple of years, now.   I never dreamed I could seriously pull this off, until he, a Pro, said it!  He told me lots about how simple but elegantly/professionally shot iPhone portraits would be a wonderful up-sell to my memoir writing clients as well as a ideal marketing opportunity.  He gave me tons of  invaluable pointers and tips and a directive along with some direction on how and where to get started. I cannot thank him enough for the time he spent with me. And I thank Gary McCoy, the  Photo Studio Management class instructor at Collin College for requiring students to connect with a professional photographer to successfully complete his course. I would not have otherwise met Eric.  

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