Sunday, June 11, 2017

Would Everybody Please Stop? And Read The Poem? I Write Poems That Say What You Mean.

What did she think life would be like as a result of moving into a house with 3 guys?  It doesn't matter now, as it was time to make a more profound statement to these guys or- move out! After hearing her issue, I wrote this poem and told her to put it in their inbox... on Mother's Day.

It worked!

Rambunctious boys the midnight brings
'Til they forget the slumber things.
Of those asleep; silence relented,
Dreams confused that crave contentment.
Slamming doors and dropping seats
Try mindfulness, if you please?
No lily to thorns, with this request,
Just asking all to do their best.
Punched out of sleep to brain awake
The night's undone 'til morning break.
This enterprise, yet still a home,
Good  sleep at night should be the norm. - 
JackieDRockwell, May 2017

So often, being straightforward with people is mistaken for aggression, over assertiveness, or as inconvenient and imposing, and the person meant to be on the receiving end of your communication attempts will suggest in other words or no words at all, "Get over it."  Some people in your life, no matter how considerate you are will attach meaning to any complaint you have -as politics as usual.  Meaning, they just don't care about you.  And whatever the problem is that you are trying to resolve.. is just that.  Your problem.  So if you want things to change,  you have to change.  

I say GET CREATIVE -for a change!  Hand write a personal letter and mail it to the fool.  At the very least they will be shocked or amused, (yet responsive) and your reputation as a "problem child" will still be in tact.  On the other hand, that letter will say, you have put a lot of thought into this.  You are serious.  Expect some kind of positive feedback. Do Not send an email.  Hand write it, put it in an envelope and put a stamp on it.  Even if you live in the same house! And in this economy (because you spent serious time and money on this)... that will definitely get their attention. 

If your brain is drawing a creativity blank, let me know.  I charge a fee if I have to crank it out for you.  You will not mind paying.  The young woman who needed to nicely tell the guys she lived with,  -on Mother's Day, no less, that Your Mother Doesn't Live Here! -got the results she desperately needed: Some undisturbed slumber when her roomies made their nocturnal dashes to the bathroom, which happened to be next-door to her bedroom.

Problem solved.

To get in touch with me to write on your behalf, find my yahoo email on this site & tell me what you need.

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