Your Life Masterpieces Remixed: One chapter at a time

You are a person who has lived and breathed a lifetime of love and pain and trials and pleasures.  Now you have a story to tell.  Writing a whole book is daunting. I can help you break it down into  short stories or vignettes. If writing isn't your right medium for expression, don't worry, I can help you discern what is.  In the meantime, pay attention to what you are attracted to.  It has meaning...

I've been listening to The Secret in my car again.. off and on since 2005.  Have multiple copies of the audio book on CD and an Audible version on my phone. This time around, my ears and heart resonate with .. "you've got to pay attention to what you're attracted to." - as spoken by Bob Proctor. 

I am having so much fun with this process of paying attention to what I am attracted to, right now.  Twenty three years in mommy mode: pretty much assigning my attractions to a vision board. With my child away now, I can focus on me. Late last night I happened upon and watched a Darts tournament played somewhere in the U... I was a league dart thrower before I was a mom and it has been a secret fantasy to get back in the game. NOW.. am getting back in!  Such a spiritual awakening to rediscover the personal essence of me that has nothing really to do with being a daughter, sister, auntie, lover, life-giver.. you know?  We start off as selfish babies that would scream and cry to get what we needed. Now, without all the drama, I am feeling good about being *"deeply, essentially, profoundly self centered..." -well, to a large degree I can do that without guilt trippin'.  Then I blink and I'm over it. 

Going Chicago Steppin' tonight, whilst my mother will surely text me she's going to bible study around the same time.  Not knocking bible study.

*from a cute lil' book I found called "How Art Can Make You Happy"

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