Chapter by Chapter: Dog's Got The Bone and Gone.. Your Pet Has a Story that Belongs With Yours

Isn't is sad that 50% of shelter animals never find a forever home? This happy Husky got lucky when my Indigo in grad school wanted a fury companion. Her name is Delilah, she's 4 years old, and was surrendered by a homeless woman in Seattle. Delirious Delilah thinks I'm her grandmother.. or something. She found my lap was conducive to naps during my Thanksgiving visit. And it was hard  to avoid having my face licked like a lollipop during good-bye selfies.  She's not so thrilled with walks in the rain.. But it's Seattle! And she displays a healthy canine disdain for men in trench coats. I wonder what that's about? Otherwise, she is the happiest wolfdog I have ever gotten so close to. Okay.. okay.. Huskies are not wolves, but she eats raw meat like one. We found out her proclivity for Italian sausage. Ruined our plans for spaghetti that night. And is it possible that Oliver suspects something is up, from all the way in Texas? He's been his less sanguine feline-self since Delilah's intro FaceTime.. three months ago.

Well.. it must be that I kind of love this dog because I'm writing about her. Aside from knowing she's dedicated to walking with and protecting my daughter and her roommates. Aside from her humanlike disposition when she looks me in the eye (as shown in the photo), and her posture when she reclines on that sofa - spread-eagle. But these things here, I have a hard time getting used to: that- rolling over and begging for a belly rub when we walk in the door, and that tossing trash and compost all over the floor, and that devouring (and throwing up) of tampons.. when no one's home. Seriously, Delilah? Come to think about it, I was in the Navy for a while and lived in dorms on deployment.. I know humans that have done worst things with tampons. 

So my point is, when you are ready to tell your story, don't leave your beasty babies out. Whatever they've been through to get to be with you, your life is enriched by their heartbeats and affection and yes, annoyances. They can't write their own memoirs, so you have to do it for them.  I'm here to help.

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