Being Sensual

choose to look at my own sensuality as holistic. Meaning, it is all of me not just one aspect of me. Most relate sensuality to sexuality. That's not necessarily true. And as much as I'd like to deny it, being or feeling sensual has impacted all areas of my life. I'm not certain if I was aware of it during early childhood, but certainly since adolescence. The stories I could tell you!

What is sensuality?
It's defined as such, but I don't believe it's always about unrestrained indulgence in sensual pleasures and lewdness or unchastity. It truly (originally) pertains to the senses and the "capacity for sensation," or "feeling." I would also say that.. the sinful connotation of sensuality is chiefly a Church one; proclaiming sensuality as an "animal instinct or appetite," hence "a source of evil, and lusts of the flesh."

Believe that if you want. But there is no sin in sensuality.

Being a sensual woman doesn't make me a dominatrix stalking men to drag by his beard back to my lair. Nor does it mean that I'll screw everything that moves or anyone who smiles at me or sends me a dicpic. So give yourself a break if you're wondering about the sexy energy that you put out there, and what it's attracting to you. Being shapely and beautiful and alluring and stylish and attentive and sensual.. does not a sinner make. And unless you ARE a dominatrix killer-stalker,  you have nothing to worry about. Really.

Speaking of what sensuality looks like or doesn't look like.. Take Wendy Williams, for example. I know men and women who actually believe she's a man in drag. She does have some strong masculine features as perceived by her height and her facial and body structure.. But to me, she presents as a confident, feminine, funny, sexy, entertaining sensual woman.

I believe my sensuality is a sacred thing, and I want men who approach me to respect it as belonging to me first, and that it is not something purely for their entertainment.  My sensuality is my authentic nature. There was a time when I felt inhibited by it. The impact of being the center of attention in my past military occupation made me unhappy for a time. I was too young and lacked self awareness and understanding on how to handle it. Now, I know better.

The older I get the less self conscious I am feel, is a mantra. In reality, that changes from day to day. When I am overly aware of other peoples' observations of me, it's only because I'm older and according to the media and our culture, older means things breaking down and fragile, stained, pained, brittle and weight gain. I am learning to believe my women friends when they tell me they think I am stunning. And it's on my resume that I have a strong presence. When favorite guys tell me I'm fascinating, smart and sexy.

At the end of the day.. I love me. Living with the power and pleasure of being a beautiful sexy sensual woman; being true to myself, and greatly true to my partner. He's getting a gift. I take pride in drawing love and positive relationships into my life.

I love my Divine Feminine Sensual energy. Do you love yours?


Feeling Sensuous Painting by Richard Hoedl

Originally posted on Friday March 3, 2010

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