I'm Not Digging Blogger Anymore - I Could Scream!

I have spent more than 8 hours  trying to reinvent JackieDrockwell.com.. and it's still not what I want. As a result, I'm going to migrate this thing over to another platform in the coming days. So, if you're a regular reader/follower and things are different every time you turn around, you'll know why. Blogger platform is pretty archaic, but I've been here since 2008.  I'm not a fluent html code talker, and inserting html to customize requires more time than I really want to spend on this.  I hate to leave.. it's my comfort zone. But I can't get this Blogger thing to do what I want.  PLUS... They or I have lost the entire content of another beloved blog I own(ed) awomanofherwords.com.  Which redirected from awomanofherwords.blogspot.com.  When someone moved my cheese - among the blogger / google powers that be, whilst I was a full time student and not blogging or online frequently. And in 2017, I was getting calls in the middle of class and in the middle of the night, from Egypt and farther away places that I needed to pay $10 for my URL renewal or I'd lose it.. I'd attempted ad nauseam before the calls started, then ditching class to take their calls and write down instructions and read forums on how to access the account portal - to no avail.  It was a ten dollar annual bill.. that couldn't get paid the Google way, so I transferred my URL domain name management and payments to enom.com, with the assurance of the Google geek I would not lose any access to the blogspot for awomanofherwords.  

Now that I'm not a student my online presence is regaining some attention, I cannot find my blogspot nor the content within.  I'm ticked to say the least; and now must make time precious time  to troubleshoot and figure this out.. Valuable, precious essays are at steak.  I might have backed it up, but I'm not sure. Will check my old PC and portable hard drive, because now I predominantly use a MAC. I'm hoping my content is out there somewhere..  retrievable. It's badly need-able.  (was trying to make that rhyme :-/

 Anyone can teach you about love... but I can make you good at it.

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  1. I feel your frustrations and you have years of experience over me so if you've hit a wall, there's no hope for me!

  2. Oh wow, ditching them after ten years sums up your frustration alright. I use Blogger as well (pinkrosemoments.com) and my issues are always hit n miss. Sometimes I see ads, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I can get the page's content formatted correctly. Sometimes I cannot. It can be a real beat down. I feel for you but am glad you found an alternative...of which I may explore myself. Artbong.net and I are nearing a year into Blogger and ....


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