How Is It That Souls Meet But Never Join

Eric V. Copage wrote in his Black Pearls Daily Meditations, Affirmations, and Inspirations for African-Americans ... about SEX. My version of this discussion is about SOUL MATES. I know for a fact how empty sex can be and how exquisite it is without and within a loving relationship.

But at this stage of my life, I refuse to go through any more motions, even with a soulmate. The only point of sex right now, during a pandemic, is to enhance love. And after this thing is over, physical attraction and chemistry will still not be overrated. At least they shouldn’t be. No matter your shape size flaws dings and things.. there is nothing about you another soul wouldn’t love. 


Three hundred thousand+ souls lost to a fucking virus in 2020, and another today to a heart attack. I say: have no desire to undress and expose your vagina, your breath, your dry skin and stretch marks to anything casual no matter how beautiful he is.

Even though his essence sings to you and dare I say, belongs to you; he does not. Even though he says he is “Alone!” You want to trust his pillows and his sofa stains. So pledge with me, that in 2021, even your soulmate can only get with you inside of a committed relationship where you can voice your needs and have them met consistently.

How is it that souls meet but never join? Y’all. Casual sex isn’t the answer. 

Happy New Year! Be safe.

 Anyone can teach you about love. I can make you good at it!

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