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Jon Bon Jovi

Every day of our lives is a day to be conscious. Conscious of the joy that even rock music brings. And there are certain hard rock bands and ballads and anthems that can help tame awareness. I am not  particularly devoted to Bon Jovi as a fan. I've never heard him (them) LIVE in real life. Yet Hurricane season and Christmas time always give me a JON Bon Jovi vibe. Probably due to memories of a hurricane we called Emily in September of 1987. Phantom-like now, but back then, as a woman on deployment in the Navy, hopeful day dreams spiked with Bon Jovi accompaniment, epic wind triggered alarms and  torrential rains. Those times for reflection one on one with a beau, or playing games like Risk or throwing darts. Or hanging out talking race and politics re Tony Brown’s Journal, over strawberry daiquiris with the like minded was right.  Now I just try to remember all who lived through those good times, still living or not. My annual Christmas connect to the sound of  Bon Jovi, blaring Always from a CD player down the hall in the barracks where a door is wide open and nobody complains. Over time, these seasons approach and once in full swing, I queue up and conjure up an anthemicgasm of Let It Rock and melodic prose to his Hallelujahs, and Always, too.  Guess #iAM a JBJ fan (changed from STAN which I am not). Didn’t realize ’til just now his voice means that much. And for the record, yeeees! Black girls love Rock.

Reverse order to zero. I am channeling artists and or their cover(s) that ... do-me-that-a-way... 
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Poetic Memory # 9
Artist: Jon (of) Bon Jovi
Who/What/When/Where/Why in no particular order - Does it still do me that-a-way?
    St.George’s Cove
Yes it does!



Anyone can teach you about love. I can make you good at it.

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