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My Blue Dragonfly’s Scurry

In real life, I’d be running from an insect this size so far into my house, and so deep into my work space.  My escape antics would frighten her away before I could remember that she’s harmless and her presence is a blessing I’d be guilty of blocking. 

But this cute little dragonfly "Pop Sticker," it’s called, is not a real insect.  It’s crafted by an art greeting card company and came as a buy one get one offer. My first Love Pop card was from my daughter when she was an undergrad. After that first one, I always wanted another. They are beautiful, thoughtful, surprisingly delightful and delicate top tier gifts. Not just afterthought gifts or what you give when don’t know what else to buy. And this is not an affiliate or paid endorsement. 

My fascination with this dragonfly is more than about craftsmanship, it’s that my spiritual antennae detects and attaches meaning to her in my presence based on recent events in my life. Real or not, a dragonfly symbolically, in close proximity, is a message for an intended symbolizing clarity, water, renewal after hardship. Achievement of goals and dreams. If you encounter a dragonfly with no spiritual or soul recognition to it, don’t  be burdened in hindsight. It was not there for you. 

It’s just a dragonfly, Jackie. 
No, it is not. 

(1) Her essence in 3s are Loyalty, faith and trust (2) She is blue  (3) Blue means she triggers a Throat Chakra vibe. 

Loyalty, faith and trust in what?   Well, that depends on you. For me,  because #iAM expressing and engaging in the world as “old and in art school,” a term I picked up from Nell Painter. It is in humor and self love I can begrudge art college in my fifties. -Not about self deprecation but a term of endearment for mature professional people who validate themselves through the pain of fine-tuning that which has not been or has barely been expressed in years, if at all. 

- As a TBI patient, this can be excruciating for me, technically. Obey the brain, is all I can say. Or else. But no matter what. No matter the pain, I #iAM loyal me and I trust myself to see this degree process to completion.  The process is the key factor for me. It hurts the most. -Thanks thought bubble.

So, working the dragonfly symbolism into my experiences through a Foundations of Art class and even a Photography Business class, and so many others  - whilst tolerating the corporate sector undercover, and now, as I grow & plan to thrive in screen(writing) and cinema(photography) - for the soul purpose of communicating what #iAM here to communicate.  

I feel my transformation. I can appreciate my blue paper dragonfly 2022 affirmation.  


 Anyone can teach you about love. I can make you good at it. 

 | Photo & Prose by Jackie D. Rockwell |All Rights Reserved © 2008-2022 |