“Your writing continues to arrest my attention - regardless of the subject. I know you have a few books in the works. When you’re ready, I will be more than happy to connect you to my literary agent. If she likes my writing, she’ll LOVE yours!”

“The title of this post alone made me chuckle. Girl, you do’t hold back! Love this about you.”

“Your writing...smh...WOW!”

“ this, Jackie. My prayer for you is for wisdom to hear God’s direction in relation to your writing. I’m sorry girl, but you should be getting paid - have I said this before? I believe I told you when I first read your blog that i didn’t like reading long posts, but your words keep me tuned in til THE END.”

“You write so eloquently. I love your energy and passion! Jackie, can I ask you to read and critique, as well as place on your bookshelf :-) a book in which I found to be inspiring?”

“It is so strange how others can see something in another person that the person can’t see in themselves. You know what, Jackie? Your writing is on a level I don’t think you’re aware of. I’m not surprised at all that you can create and spit out a speech within 5 minutes. That’s what you create and EMPOWER with words. I knew there was something different about your writing, the first time I visited your blog and that’s why I’M STILL HERE!”

“GASP! In an attempt to express my joy over what I just read, I failed. Please know I’m MORE THAN EXCITED AND HAPPY ABOUT THIS! I’ve added you to my bloggers with books list on Mom’s Peace Bites.”

“So refreshing to be able to read your blog again. This was beautiful...simply BEAUTIFUL. Lesson learned for me, too!”


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