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Your Heart, My Art

You need me to help you- "tell your story, because your story will heal you and it will heal someone else. Each life is a story filled with the drama, surprises and mysteries that make living a wonderful and interesting journey... If you have a story, then you have the potential to be a healer, a teacher, a more conscious and productive individua."  ~ Iyanla VanZandt 

* Do you have a memory you'd like to convert to a memoir or poem?
* Has you life been a mess and you know there's a message for others in there somewhere?
* Is there a letter you've longed to write to someone?
* Or a commemorative blog you've been meaning to create for a dearly departed?

Everyone likes a good story and they are easier to remember and speak, than write.  That's where I come in. Tell it to me and I will turn your best accomplishments and your conflicts into stories that will bless others. I write for individuals who may not realize how full their lives have been by getting to the heart of your story,turning facts into interesting anecdotes and endearing love stories for a grander audience, or just for your friends and family... Or for your own personal edification. 

"There is nothing stiff about a good memoir.  It's not supposed to be a chronological pronouncement of the facts of your life:  born in Hoboken, New Jersey;  schooled at Elm Creek Elementary; moved to Big Flat, New York, where you attended Holy Mother High School. Memoir doesn't cling to an orderly procession of time and dates, marching down the narrow aisle of your years on this earth.  Rather it encompasses the moment you stopped, turned your car around, and went swimming in a deep pool by the side of the road. You threw off your gray suit, a swimming trunk in the backseat, a bridge you dived off. You knew you had an appointment in the next town, but the water was so clear. When would you passing by this river again?" --Natalie Goldberg, from the introduction of Old Friend from Far Away: The Practice of Writing Memoir.

No matter who you are, and what you've done or haven't done with your life, I can give your voice the sensitivity or edge it needs to be impressive, engaging and memorable. -Jackie

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