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Art School

BS Digital Cinematography, FSU Online

2020 - 2021

* POPULAR CULTURE IN MEDIA, Instructors: Kim Samocki & Tracey Council, Ph.D  

     YOUTUBE: Evolution and Impact of The Blogosphere

* ART HISTORY - ONLINE, Instructors: Lauri Hasan

I loooved this project! It was extremely gratifying and therapeutic.                                                     Have you ever wanted to curate an art gallery? Now is your chance. 

GTFO! Of Our Wombs Collection (ca. 100..bce - 2019 CE)

* NEW MEDIA TOOLS, Instructor: Pete Episcopo

    Start A Blog Tell A Story

    Holding Up The Sky | My Story Expanded

    Storyboard of Visual Metaphors For My Story

    My Full Sail Story, Narrated