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Charlie Wilson

Ageless. Timeless. Butifa. The second most photogenic Black man on IG, next to Lenny Kravitz.  He’s a major distraction, if you’re trying to create Reels twice a day. Had to unfollow him & Bishop Oldes.

Music playing overhead is often how I discover my new favorites. In Whole Foods one day, my arm flew up like a flag, with my phone in hand, awaiting the the answer to “What song is this?” I’m sure I know the artist and wanted a serenade from my husband -on the spot. If I had one. Heart melting in the 6 seconds Shazam took to scan and reveal from the possibilities. It was “Goodnight Kisses by Charlie Wilson.” OH my. And GOOD Lord. I had to look to see who was watching me react to this song. Whew child. Let me check myself. You know, there’s this thing about Charlie Wilson. He’s not trying hard to be relevant like so many old-school musicians. He IS relevant. Cannot go out of style. Somehow, the older he gets, the more impossible it is for him to disappoint as a work of art. I say “Please?” whenever I ask Siri to play Goodnight Kisses on repeat. 

Juvenesence.” That’s the word. Chollie exudes, and opens me up to mine. There was no Gap Band without him. Think about it. How grown and sexy we felt dancing to -- pick a song. Any song. And now. He can still do it. With that voice. In those jeans. In that hat. With that smile. I get to reimagine my life from 18 on when he sings. Dancing with every guy who asked did not mean I wanted them all. Maybe him, though. Pointing my eyes to the dude over there.  Any Gap Band groove, no matter the tempo was the way to give nice guys the time of day and discover how beautiful men can be on a dance floor, and myself, as well. Gentle Reminder of the PO Clubs in the Jacksonville - Mayport Navy Base community during the time The Gap Band reigned supreme, and I danced with men who are now running Navy things. Hmmmmm. Good times. 

Poetic Memory # 8
Artist:  Charlie Wilson
Who/What/When/Where/Why in no particular order - Does it still do me that-a-way?
    Jacksonville, Mayport Fl
    Whole Foods
    A New Guy Named ..
Yaaaas!! It do.    


Anyone can teach you about love. I can make you good at it.

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