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Jonathan Butler

"Hey Siri, play Lies by Jonathan Butler..."

"On repeat.” 

- waiting for #myjam to queue up -

Anybody else manage to pull-off hella grace and wisdom today?  I feel you. And now: A soul's worth of poetic memories and music to the rescue, to do the Christmas dinner dishes by. Mama’s house has no dishwasher, and this babe was set on optimum at that cutting board and stove. “I ain’t never seen nobody cook so fast,” my mother said as she watched me make her plate. Two hours is fast?  #iAM skilled at getting serious shit done timely, to go outside and play before the street lights come on.. That's how I answer that. Besides, my mother was always the slowest cooker I’ve ever met.  Blessed is my love for cooking for others, especially my mother, and Bright is my heart, by Peter White.  What? I’m going to have to let this lil' sink full of dishes wait ’til morning, though. Sweep and Swiffer will have to wait, too, for I’ve been fully involved I am dead on my feet. I am ready to write. Checking to see if I have any sage to burn, so I can turn my writing room into a hookah lounge. Stripping down to my Dancers or SSkins, ‘cause.. "Aunt Jackie, it’s hot up in this sweater!”-My niece Victoria.  That bottle of Maker’s Mark is taunting me from the garage. What box is it in?  And what’s that song playing? My kid and other folks are texting me. Now? Oh, how apropos is Heal Our Land by Jonathan Butler. WAITWHUT? I said “play Lies,” Siri!”  Siri must have heard Play JB Radio, there’s a mash-up going on.  But Lordy, y’all. Siri... he, has hooked it up with - My Love’s Leavin' by Fourplay.  Jesus.  I think I’m about to cry. Wait one.. Where’s my lighter?

I'm in the mood for a countdown blog-fest. Reverse order to zero. Starting tonight. For the next eight nights or so. Channeling artists and or their cover(s) that.. do-me-that-a-way... 

Poetic Memory # 10
Artist: Jonathan Butler 
Song: Lies
Who/What/When/Where/Why in no particular order – Does it still do me that-a-way?
       Virginia Beach
        Captain John’s Seefood Place
        No lies told. This groove was just IT! at the time.
I would say, yes it does.


Anyone can teach you about love. I can make you good at it.

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