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Dilemma of a Savvi Sports Bra Junkie

Concussion plus pandemic equals more weight loss. I wanted cute clothes and couldn’t leave the house.  

Discovered a clothing brand that screamed my name. Months later, every Fashion Friday drop, I tell myself I’m not buying another thing. I'd end up doing it anyway. Savvi makes even voluptuous women like me feel beautiful in neons as well as neutrals. But their sports bras? For the bountiful? is not.. I repeat not.. their expertise.  That was pre-launch. After they launched, in living color, deep and wide,  I thought first and foremost, fine-tuning the sports bra fit would set the deal in stone; I’d be a lifer. 

Savvi does make t-shirts, leggings and bras irresistible.  Except that Raven sports bra. I reluctantly sent it back. Pissed, because I really wanted it. But there was no way to reinvent myself to fit that.  The more I wanted it, the more I knew they weren’t even thinking about my grandiose upper body and where it fit into the Savvi lifestyle brand. Why would they make it so pretty, though?

I have a collection of roughly 15 Savvi sports bras in an assortment of styles and colors, with leggings and tees and tops to match.  Worn and slept in daily, despite my struggle to stave the dastardly uni-boob. And I would never wear them to the gym or yoga, or dancing, or running and walking uncovered in public. As a matter of functionality, as a matter of my modesty. Yes, I do have some of that.

So, then why did I, just this weekend, order yet another bra that’s bound to disappoint?  Because it’s so pretty is my best answer, and I am a woman who gives second and third and forth chances.-depending.  As for my deep compatibility with the executive brand partnership, I think that ship has sailed for me. Not severing any ties though, as the community is as beautiful as their clothes and I love love love my discount. I’ve got to catch up on some new leggings, though.. and move forward with my foodie art videos. 



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