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Jon Batiste

Oh! The things I got myself for Christmas.. 

I’m still opening the packages of this and that. Little things like cool and unusual beauty finds... Found a fabulous new extract for my twa. I love it! Must tell them. Black owned. Discovering all over again just how I truly value me.  Was going to return it all except the very pretty none-essentials; a 2022 datebook and a ruler with the same pretty design. It wasn’t sticker shock, well.. I think it was a bit, at the end of the night unblocking the bank card to pay for it all. Being self indulgent beyond my Savvi sprees makes me nervous sometimes. Did spring for new leggings in daring neons x 3 and a pair of those waited-too-long-to-get-a-pair-of Savvi Mantras. Found out grief makes you a shopaholic.  But let me rewind you to 3pm-ish on New Year’s Eve. A text from someone mistaking my attention to him for idk.. stupidity?  Loose the receipts, Jackie. Every single thing. All of it. Mine to keep. Anger Therapy 101. Don’t return a damn thing. Shoulda bought stuff to make some Sangria, too. Men can be really strange. For some reason, some can't keep inspired by your integrity, your values, or general sex appeal.. and your generous interest in them.. Go on and loose the fucking receipt. Enjoy this splurge. Now that’s some freedom shit right there. 

A woman’s love is a [man’s] privilege and not his right. - Terry McMillan, from Waiting to Exhale

Which leads me to what is bound to be a Poetic Memory Countdown favorite; Jon Batiste and his Freedom song & video.  Ok.. and his suits in many colors. And those fun moves of his. I love a fun sweet gifted man. More than that, I love a man who can see into me and sing to me that he knows exactly who “we” are. And tell me.. I love how you talk - you’re speaking my language | Now it’s your time | You can shine | What you do Imma do too | I see you shinin | You shinin ...  

Now #iAM totally free to find him to find him to find him.. to be found by him by him by him. No bars hold. No blocks, and I don’t have to stand in the middle of the street or go anyplace I don’t need to be. 

Fix it, Jesus, please? 

And for the record, Jesus knows my lil'ass history with this person, whose faucet of very strong alpha male essence, has finally turned off. 

In addition.. Imma get me something else for Christmas 2021..  Some Jon Batiste merch plus his Freedom album.. and some drumsticks as seen in the video, and a snare drum to use them on when I’m not in djembe mode.

You see what a Freedom song will do for you, ladies?  Make you show up unfiltered & extra large

Poetic Memory #6
Artist: Jon Batiste
Song: Freedom
Who/What/When/Where/Why in no particular order - Does this song do-me-that-away?
    Dallas January 3, 2022
Yes yes, so blessed.

What I am wearing:
Savvi Femme X3 Sports Bra, you should see the back of it.
Blouse - very continental, had it for years.  


Anyone can teach you about love.  I can make you good at it.

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