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Manifesting Peculiar Ambition

She’s got a lot of me in her.  Muted ambition, and super-fucking-fly manifestation skills, like Barack Obama and his super-fucking-fly manifestation skills. I’m on a roll, here, hang tight. So, when he "got in" and left eight years later, before my very eyes was my daughter in motion, like Barack Obama pre politics.  After seeing the documentary “By The People, The Election of Barack Obama,”  I realized, this- peculiar way, is a real thing. My daughter has it, too.

Be not bored...  there is a point I am making.

As the mom of a scholar, I know what goes down when the manifesto ignites per the will of God and the actions of the torch bearer.  Simply put, I’m talking about how sacred and beautiful potential is - when in manifesting mode. It is something to behold. A sin to ignore. And we must do all we can to support the gifted when we know them.

With my natural adoration of my only child, I cannot overlook her interests and decision making processes. From the time she got her first of twelve undergrad admission letters, when I didn’t even know she’d applied for the first one, to the snapping of this screenshot when she FaceTimed me saying of her doctoral admission.. 

I got in. 

Look at that face. She was prepared & still humbled when they called. 

How could she not? This was the agreement. And now, in real time was some irl - manifest destiny. No fine print to read. No historic untruths to mend.

In cinematography speak.. This is AV Script 101. The audio/visual script arranges the sights and sounds of your idea and puts it into a linear flow.  So for future-oriented people like my daughter and the Barack Obama’s of the world, there is a knowing of their AV script, and they do the needful by rote. Pulling out the stops. Poof. 

Well.. there is no poof in manifesting, contrary to popular belief. Manifesting is starting the movement and taking the actions knowing the outcome. It is not magic. But it a place where there is some high-ass performance thriving going on. 
  • establishing goals. 
  • establishing demographics. 
  • establishing the beginning, middle and end. 
  • following the template. 
  • planning the shots. 
There are moments when she worries about outcomes. I faithfully support her, not from a hopeful spirit, but with a Knowing one. Truly, something I actually learned from her.

Which reminds me.. Have you thanked your children for being your teacher? 

At 59, expressing gratitude is my first occupation. I’m thinking about how fabulous I will be turning 60. Remembering that wonderful party I threw for myself in Atlanta when I turned 30. That dress! I wish I still had that dress. The people who showed up. -but i digress.. 

The Point
I think, as you get older, that’s when your ambitions become peculiar.
-Barack Obama in Vanity Fair relating to Abraham Lincoln’s first political announcement:

If you are like me, maybe you feel peculiar as-fuck, in all your pursuits at a particular age past -say, 29. When maybe you could be in Belize right now?  I have good days and bad days in healing. It is Love (with a capital L)  to know listeners.  Inspiring to know doers. Glorious to create. Holy to manifest. At whatever age you find yourself, now. 

If your mind and body can manifest succinctly.. Even if they can’t.  Let them humble you not humiliate you. Do you. 

And let me help you write the story when you’re through.


 Anyone can teach you about love. I can make you good at it. 

 | Photo & Prose by Jackie D. Rockwell |All Rights Reserved © 2008-2022 |