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How I Am Still Feeling About Will Smith

When Will Smith made his way toward Chris Rock and struck him from a satisfied smirk in his soul, that was a signal for me I’d be getting rid of my infatuation with the swagger that was  Will. Knocking the wind out of Chris’s sail, for only a sec. Pleased with himself, I’m sure. Willy walked away from the encounter and took his same seat at his same table and proceeded to enjoy the remaining Oscar goings on like the rest of us wanted to.. Including hearing his own name being called for Best Actor award. Denzel leapt. I reeled   What the fucks? for a good thirty minutes.  Will -looked the man with seven swords from any Tarot deck.  Intelligent. Cunning. Went home with a prize, even. But was the five of swords in the flesh. A scoundrel, tricked by his conflict with a domineering person.  That joke was not that fucking fatal, and Willy mindfully overreacted. Eager to humiliate and hurt.   Chris was stellar like his tux. Jada was definitely domineering as she watched it all happen... see
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Sustainability For Broken Brains

An invisible thing called Post Concussion Syndrome makes the simplest of tasks require more  effort of me .   More effort to process your spoken or written words. More effort to formulate thoughtful words of my own. More effort to listen intently, and more effort to patiently contend with your challenges, let along my own. I’ve had all of this and more going on for two years since my head hit the bricks, and I've still managed to squeeze in some love for myself about the new condition of my temperament.   Before TBI, I was a no none-sense kind of woman. I’m still her, with a sharper Third Eye that jumps right to the heart of things - as a matter of conservation. B.S., contradictions, confusion, trickery, deception, micro-aggressions, drunkenness, foolery, intimidations, egoism, sarcasm, racism, technicalities, and even innocent misunderstandings trigger protection of my eco-system.. Telling me do not engage. And I don’t (most times). Move on. And I do (most times).  Results? Sola

Ain’t I a Straight Woman?

My current experience as a premium  theeHarmony member is no kind of comfort during this latest Texas freeze. It’s toasty in here though, mother, and the pipes are not frozen.  And I am years devoid of the warmth of some deep compatibility.  The demigods of online match-making must have read my mind, as Roku and Spectrum commercials and ads proliferate my feed, guided me to some - serenity?  Yes.. two years of concussion recovery and pandemic isolation have all but forced me to live the Serenity Prayer. You know? The part asking God to grant “Courage to change the things I can..” People always imply you’re single because you don’t put yourself out there. Out where? It’s a pandemic. 2018 I Tindered for research, and Hinged I’ve considered, but even beWorded With beFriended couldn't save me when I'm so not one to lust long and dicpics are...welp, -they less reflect prowess but deprecation of self (For the fellas w/dics). I've just wanted romance and discovery and inner peace

God Bless The Child | Chelsie Cried For Help

First responders, t wo women, two men, two cars, in my drive way, surrounding me,  inquiring  about for my well-being, at my daughter’s request.  Thirty minutes earlier, my adult daughter, from thousands of miles away, made the call for a welfare check. During our FaceTime chat, there was a cry for help, I admit, but was no way an expression of a plan to end things or do any harm. It was just that I’d had a few harsh days of self-care and care-giving and housekeeping and self-pity that stretched me ridiculously beyond capacity. In no uncertain terms what she heard, was that I was dangerously close to the edge.  She took it seriously and told me she was making the call to my mental health provider. And she did. -It just so happens, that welfare check was well timed. First, it sent people I didn’t already know, directly to me, with a list of resources (I rejected), and a very important other connection shortly thereafter. In other words, the Word became flesh..  before my eyes. A small b