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Testing My Limitations | TBI , CTE , Post Concussion Fear Anger Impatience

The day before yesterday I thought I was in  this boat by myself.  But, yesterday…  in the pulmonary (stress) testing waiting room at UT Southwestern, they called my mother’s name. I stood up as well. She’d asked me to come with her.  A crashing sound startled us all.. My laptop! hit the floor, glass and something wet splattered around my feet.  Where am I?  I was thinking? Why are these lights so hot? My mom left the room telling me to just stay put.  I remember saying to her attendant, “ Can someone clean this  up?” She wants me to  go with her. I was trying to move in her direction, but she was gone before I knew it, so I sat back down.  A half second of sitting, I remembered .. that wasn’t my laptop but a bottle of Sicilian lemonade leftover from my birthday the day before.  Thankful that’s all it was. The attendant returned with a garbage bin and towels and to my surprise the others in the small waiting room joined in to pick up the huge chunks of glass and examine my toes and ank

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