Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Jackie D. Rockwell

She's real without even trying..
And that right there is natural beauty."   

What I hope they say about me behind my back.

Hello, I'm Jackie... 

Photographer, Writer, Wine Snob.. Wellness Chick and Zenspiration Babe.
Plus someday I will illustrate that children's book about a snail!  Promise.

The loveliest thing I've ever done was (single) parent an Indigo.

As you'll see on this site, my photography and writing style is truthful and very personal.

I: breathe documentary photography; aspire to street and fine art photography; seriously dig
iPhone photography, digital photography, film photography; write lots of books.

I take pictures of everything but not everyone.  I am kinda voyeuristic in an artistic way.
I care about privacy.  I won't exploit.  But I will expose.

I am a pursuing a degree in commercial photography and certification as a event planner.

I've got several books in the works!

I officiate weddings and take wedding photos, too.

My bucket list consists of:  Unity Prayer Chaplain, Published Author, Champion Dart Thrower, Accomplished Documentary Photographer.  Run into someone named Kevin in Belize.  High-5 Andy Garcia in Cuba.  Dance & sing with Bette Midler.. Slow dance with and star at Rod Stewart.. Is that enough?

I advocate for right, I do not fight the wrong.
Peace is the goal.

I know that God is Love.

My personal mantra is "Teach Only Love."
Hang around.

 Anyone can teach you about love... but I can make you good at it!

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