Chapter by Chapter: Why Women Don't Formally Tell About Sexual Harassment - Immediately

You are a person who has lived and breathed a lifetime of love and pain and trials and pleasures.  Now you have a story to tell.  Writing a whole book is daunting. I can help you break it down .. chapter by chapter, the little or large stories or vignettes of your life, to expose or heal..

The year is Twenty seventeen, and I know a young lady who rents a room in a house her employer owns. Yesterday she told me he sexully harasses her at work.  She says she needs her job, so she tolerate him.. For now.  She's only 22 years old and a recent college grad.  She says it was bound to happen in her career at some point.  Her employer/landlord has reduced her rent to assistant manage the home she lives in.  She loves the persk. She thinks he's wealthy.  I think he's a slob. They have taken a couple of business road trips together.  Car rental trips.  "He always drives," she says.  He makes inappropriate comments and talks about his sense of touch and such to her, and he …