I'm Not Digging Blogger Anymore - I Could Scream!

I have spent more than 8 hours  trying to reinvent and it's still not what I want. As a result, I'm going to migrate this thing over to another platform in the coming days. So, if you're a regular reader/follower and things are different every time you turn around, you'll know why. Blogger platform is pretty archaic, but I've been here since 2008.  I'm not a fluent html code talker, and inserting html to customize requires more time than I really want to spend on this.  I hate to leave.. it's my comfort zone. But I can't get this Blogger thing to do what I want.  PLUS... They or I have lost the entire content of another beloved blog I own(ed)  Which redirected from  When someone moved my cheese - among the blogger / google powers that be, whilst I was a full time student and not blogging or online frequently. And in 2017, I was getting calls in the middle of class and in the mid…

Woman to Woman


If I'm Such a Good Woman, Why Am I Still Single?

First thing this morning, I get a call from a way back when.. friend. I hadn’t heard from this guy in maybe a year. He was just checking in on us. Shooting the breeze about the weather and some social media stuff. Then he asked what they all ask at the very end of the conversation… “When am I getting a wedding invitation?”

And so it is.. the pressure is back on. Somebody I've always known wants me to be married to someone.... Anyone.

As a single mom of a scholar, it’s been eons since I gave any serious thought to marriage. And now the juices are flowing. Hmmmmmmm.. wondering how I can make that happen? First. I've got to find the right one.

That doesn't mean I'm going to run out and buy a bridal magazine or join eHarmony, again. Although... those are not bad ideas.
To be honest though. About three years ago, Dennis Anglo drove down from Little Rock and Brothah Dan drove up from Houston. Sadly, both drove away with their tails tucked under. I believe there was some compatib…