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My Titilating Climb Up a Tree

The fact of the matter is, my inner child is always the one running my show.  Even when I am seriously engaged in work or other serious life stuff, the activity is motivated by my inner desire to have fun.. doing whatever it is I am doing.  So.. out of my desire to produce a short video reading of a "trees" essay I wrote for an Arts course last year, and in honor of the recent launch of the website:, featuring Photographs Along the Underground Railroad, by Dallas photographer, Jeanine Micha-Bales, I decided I'd climb a tree.

I scoped locations for a couple of weeks. I thought I'd found the perfect one:  On federal government land. After giving it a little thought; I'd rather not make Fox4 News .. again.  I knew I'd end up in Tietze Park in Dallas.  They've got beautifully-weird-looking lovely old trees.

I hope you'll be inspired to .. go climb a tree! Fly a kit.. Skateboard.. Ride a bike.. Something wild, not mild.. Someth…

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