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An Urban Junk Journal

Once upon a time in June 2014, I went for a walk and caught a lovely glimpse of the great Universal Mind of urban developers.. in action modifying (in greed I thought), this already good enough community from what it was, to something more? - To be completed in apparently 24-36 more months?  NO WAY! I'd only moved in 3 months ago myself!  Sadly, as my new sanctuary was turning into a zone of destruction, I began seeing the gift of jobs for many, as the taking away of my personal peace & quiet.  If there was ever a time that I'd really rather have peace than be right... This was it.
My bliss and settled state was misplaced when ownership suddenly changed hands & they were doing "inspections," changing signage, renaming the place, and breaking ground on phase II of what I now refer to as "urban junk." My quaint 75075 community has lost its sub-urban charm.

For all intents and purposes, I liked it here.  At first.  So much so that I took this picture.…