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Giving up the Old Dream for the New Dream

Wow! I had no idea how I was going to come out of yesterday. I wasn't sad but I was very contemplative and indecisive on many fronts. One thing I do know for sure, my daughter cannot have a new kitten that she keeps asking for! Last week it was a puppy. The other thing I know for sure I do not want: the distant past in my present or future. Whew!

Last night, I prayed for inspiration. Knees bent, hands together, head bowed, tears flowing. A month ago, I was sure of certain things, and as I learn more I'm disenchanted. That seems to be a pattern with me. If I sign up for patchouli and sandalwood, I don't expect chocolate. And I've been getting chocolate. You know? Then I give chocolate some thought. A fair chance. Then it turns me off. Bores me. (And I don't even like chocolate that much! Unless it's German Chocolate ice cream or cake) And then I'm back at square one. Looking for patchouli and sandalwood.

And then, I think I've found it aga…