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Misogony: More Then Enough Vagina and Not Enough Penis For Him. He Can't Handle It. So He Attempts to Degrade Women. DON'T LET HIM.

Imagine that you are sitting at your desk at work and a male co-worker walks by and .. asks to see your feet.  Imagine that in your first week on a new job, you attend a regional staff training and nobody knows you except the people in your local office.  Imagine on that day, that out of a huddle of men emerges one in particular who breaks rank and malfunctions to clown status (animation and all) to ask you who you are.  Imagine your response is..."Nobody." Imagine that he reports you for disrespecting him, before you can even process that he was in a leadership position and on the program at the training event.  Imagine that another co-worker who's married and walks around with a bible, and marks on the In-Out Message White Board that he's "Praying" during lunch.  Imagine that person, sits in the doorway of the lunch area at a round table with his bible open.  Now, I challenge you to imagine that same man.. walking up into your personal comfort zone at  yo…

10 Easy Peasy Steps To A Beautiful Touseled Textured Fro

On the go? MONAT's Tousled Texturizing Mist will make you a tousled texurized fro.
Mom's in surgery now...tried to Photoshop the teary mascara smudge. Oh well. 
How to get the look:
1.  Comb out hair with large tooth comb. 2.  Massage in 3-5 drops of Rejuveniq oil. 3.  Run both hands under water. 4.  Massage wet hands through hair. 5.  Spray as much or as little as desired of MONAT's Tousled Texurizing Mist throughout hair. 6.  Massage product throughout. 7.  Style with fingers. 8.  Poof!  There it is!
9.  Be pleasantly surprised by how fast it dries!
10.  Be pleasantly surprised by how it doesn't flake in your hair, or break your hair!

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How To Get Away With Surgery: Faith.

The lifeline that carries me through all the schtuff that I can possibly go through in life, is the gift of faith.  I once had a minister tell me in that it was apparent to him that I was covered in faith.  I knew that already but but after that, I wore it like I wore my skin. Proudly. Never removed. Fast forward to right now, though... some 16 years later, as I lay aside my self-centered faith to finally dwell on the fragility of my mother's pain riddled body.  Thus, the fragility of her life, as she goes to sleep before waking up to go to surgery in the morning.  No. I'm not suddenly scared about anything, but somehow I suddenly realize how thin the walls  between the worlds are, when someone  goes under the knife. Even if it is for one of the most  common and successful operations in all of medicine.  Praying for her safe  journey through this physical and spiritual experience of trusting medical professionals with her life, and praying that I refrain from minimizing the a…

MONAT: It's Shampoo, Not a Tattoo. Just #getyousome

Regardless of what anyone thinks of me & all my selfies..just know it's all about the hair!  #MONAT is a wonderful product and a serious hair care business. I'm obsessed with the results & the opportunity! Looking for type B personality biz partners willing to have a passion for using & sharing MONAT. Quote me: "It's shampoo not a tattoo." 

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Anyone can teach you about love... 
but I can make you good at it!
| This original commentary and photograph by Jackie D. Rockwell |All Rights Reserved © 2016 |

Black Woman Green Eyes: It's Rude to ask if they're real

Today I was reminded of that song from the 80s "Sunglasses at Night." I reminisce of the days when I really did do that; Wear sunglasses indoors.. day, and sometimes at night.  All because I wanted to hide my very green eyes from the probing public. People on the street would often stop me and ask... "Are those your real eyes?" With the popularity or colored contact lenses, came an increase in the asking.
As a little girl, I was always "cat eyes."  As a student, male teachers asked, "Where'd you get those green eyes?" A colorblind coworker in the Navy referred to my eyes as "funny colored eyes."  When I find myself someplace where nobody knows my name, people do double takes.  Yes, I admit, it's rare to see a black woman with green eyes.  But asking that question, I feel is, rude.  And they are green.  Not hazel or light brown.  But green.  I really freak people out when I wear a green blouse or t-shirt.  I admit, even though …

Number 1 Type B Babe Looking for Other Type B Babes

Dallas area Monat Market Partner looking to create a tribe of direct sales / network marketing achievers.  I know you. You're like me.  Type B.  You know, the little sibling of your Type A sister.  
Type B?  Not powerless but not without inhibitions. Not afraid of what people think but afraid of what you know about the beasts called multi-task and stress.
I've learned my lessons about my warm market.. We all have one and they are seemingly uninterested in your supposedly get rich quick dreams.  They just don't understand. They don't know any better.  But it doesn't matter!!!! 😩 
This is not about them. 
This is about you.
Send me an email to join the tribe of Type Bs With a Plan B.  You do not need to be a MONAT Market Partner to join.  
I will respond at jackies magic at yahoo.