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Get Yourself A "Real" Life Coach in 2017: You.

Happy 2017! I woke up last Wednesday, January 4th, feeling clear headed but a little unrested. My kiddo was back in her grad school grind by 2 days already, and my mother practically begged me to stay with her that Tuesday. Anxiety, she said.  And even though the start of this new week was the start of a new year, I hadn't come up with any definite purpose for each day, let alone the entire year. Thus, my little bit of unrest stress... with attachments I call gentle reminders.  So here I am, January 9th, in the beginning stages of a life-changer plan that I ... happened upon?  Well...
It's been said when the student is ready the teacher will appear.  Well.. an intelligence I recognize, even in my sleep awoke with me on the 4th and in my resistance to remaining my same spiritual sensual soulful self, I asked to be beautifully graced with something better than that!  
Enter.... Gentle Reminder #1 Of that divine mandate to write, since last month's First Friday Drum Circle and…