About Me

She's real without even trying,
and that right there is natural beauty.

What I hope others say about me behind my back.

But this is what I say about me...

There's kissin', and then there's kissin-kissin.
FIRST, the content on this blog is for mature adults only. Do not expect porn, or erotica, but expect forthright adult only conversation on occasion.

On this blog & elsewhere I am superlatively, if not superfluously about communicating.. Planting Seeds.. of Inspiration, Contemplation, Introspection, Beauty, Wellness, Health Care, Fitness, Interpersonal Relationships.. #truth..  and more.  I dance, walk, smile, play, read, cry, pray, workout, climb trees, and especially live and write my repressed even unalloyed feelings and observations about pain, politics, religion, sex, aging, care-taking... womanhood.. sexuality.. childhood.  Betwixt and between plugging away at my own literary works of art, I am a freelance copy editor and proof-reader, writer and ghost writer for other story tellers. #IAM without a doubt Miracle-mindedly & divinely ninja-lover/wife material & empty nester, single and unaccompanied - until further notice... But also -Spiritually. Sensually. Soulfully.. A Woman of Her Words

I am a formally trained therapeutic massage therapist and documentary photographer. I am a Navy veteran. I almost singlehandedly raised a scholar who is going to save the planet. While her other half was a checkbook dad, everybody in the Navy and Marine Corps, DPD, Texas State Troopers, The Army and 5 Lone Rangers, and host of relatives and friends helped. Thank you for your interest.

Pease be sure to contact me, comment and engage with me or others on my posts. Ask questions AND tell someone else #IAM here. 

For some daily action, follow me @jackierockswellness on Instagram.


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