No matter what you do good in life - there is always going to come a time when something or someone is going to hurt you. Giving in to the pain can destroy the soul.  I can count on one hand the people I personally know who gave in to the pain,  though.. by suicide, running away, evading.. All men. Doing the best they could with what they knew. Do women give up completely? According to the movies and social media, we don't. So many of us come pretty close to losing patience with our situations and ourselves, to sabotage and change our minds and hide behind our fears.. temporarily, I feel.. till we get that divorce, till the kids go off to college.. till pigs fly.. till the fat lady sings... till Jesus comes back... This book tells some stories of my own near misses that I call mind fucks. Nine of 'em -to be exact.  With some Situation # 2s (lesser mind fucks) betwixt and between.  To be published sooner than you think - This fall!

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