Be Encouraged

Not everyone with major life drama or a series of extraordinary life events is meant to write a book
about all of that. As a creative being, you do not have to force yourself to sit down and write a tome of virtuous techniques or odes to injustice to leave a legacy. Writing is hard, even for those who are good at it. Instead, you might consider expressing your creative life force in other ways.  What a relief it is to realize this, right?  I do believe however, that each of us is meant to create something with our lives.  And in this context, I call that creating thing ... "art."

Just think about all he people in celebrity-land who create with their lives but have not written one single book. People whom we have exalted over the years for blessing us with their singing, dancing, coaching, painting, sculpting, flying, running, teaching, mending, acting, ministering, growing, inventing, batting, composing, sailing, throwing, fixing, serving, planting, reporting, nursing, researching, analyzing, criticizing, building, planning, defending, designing, engineering.... Whatever!  So whatever you dare to do with that God given creative energy you possess, the substance of it all will fill the empty space -not having written and published a book will leave behind.

All I'm saying is, don't be too concerned about writing and publishing a book if writing a book is not your main thing to do in life. Don't feel pressured by social media content that there is a book in you that must be shared for all to read, if you do not have the wherewithal to sit down and "just write" about the things that have caused you grief and or helped you - in some way.  Because who's going to read it besides friends and family?  If that?  Click here for FactTank stats on the people who do not read books in America.  Disheartening, isn't it?  Not to me.  Not everybody reads. Not everybody writes.  Not everybody's got a book in them.

But if you enjoy helping others, and have an innate hankering to make a real difference in people's lives.. then think Art.   I am telling you what I know.. and I know that if you are feeling creative, then your Art can make you and others happy.

And if you are compelled to share from deep within you; that something that keeps coming up for you in your spirit; perhaps a healing, humorous or humble anecdote, or you need to express some outrageous anger, or expose a malignant misdeed, I am able to listen from an intuitive and soulful place, to help you discern what your artistic creative essence could be, and the best way to express it. It may not be that your story is book worthy.. or ready.  But if you say it is, and you want to write a book, I can help you create a series of vignettes, a self help book, a short story, a novel, or a memoir.  OR.. It may be that you just need to draw or paint or  swim or run a marathon or fly an airplane - or a kite, instead of write a book.  Listen. I have figured some things out recently for myself about ART and the art of creating.  I know God is pleased.  I can help you.

Truly, nothing is impossible for the imagination to accomplish --is what I'm trying to tell you about your creativity and the art within you.. as expressed by Dickson Schneider...

 "I don't mean the mechanical part of art -- but trying to figure out something you care about and that you can really dig into. Maybe that's the point of art."

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