Saturday, July 23, 2011

We Should be Saying THANK YOU to Amy Winehouse!

I'll never forget the first time I heard her voice.  My daughter and I were browsing the shelves of Best-Buy for A Soldiers Story DVD.  She was on one end of the row, I was on the other..  "Mom!  That's the singer I was telling you about.  Listen."  Rehab was  playing over the intercom.  We never found A Soldier's Story, but we bought the Back to Black CD and I listened.. and liked it.

My kid was what?  Thirteen at the time?  I was a bit surprised by the PARENTAL ADVISORY sticker on the CD case, but.. in my mind, after hearing for myself, I considered it art, and I did not forbid my daughter from listening.  I know my kid!  Heck!  The CD became mine after a while.

Amy Winehouse is dead at the young age of 27, and what I am more shocked by, but probably shouldn't be, are the the infectious intolerable comments I'm reading from around the world wide web. 

I thank Greg, the writer over @ the only online gentlemen's magazine I read.. Hall of the Black Dragon for rightfully comparing Amy's artistry and departure to that of  Billie Holliday.. and for hitting the nail on the head with his commentary on how the hate mongers and mock fans will blatantly capitalize on her tragic death.. rendering her over-rated as an artist and a human being. 

As an artist.. I got her.  And that's all she could would ask of any of us.  Fans or not.  How can so many be so blind to such a marvel of talent?  Amy's care-free or even her careless lifestyle, seemingly filled with the paradox of joy from heartache departed this plane for another... the one I like to refer to as.. The Night Shift.  No rehab required there.  She definitely needed some here.  She got it. It apparently didn't stick.  Her call.  Her life.

It could be that it was just her time to go. And imagine this.. the ones who touch us, reach us, affect us most deeply, depart sooner than expected.. than we hope or desire.  Seems to always happen that way, doesn't it?  Maybe her demons were here to teach us something.

Her talents and youth were not a waste. And I don't think she did anything to intentionally destroy her self.

If she was broken, so are we!

Her music was a gift to us.  Damned good music!

And guess what?  It's still here! 
That's why we should be saying THANK YOU! to Amy Winehouse.

Haters were gonna hate her, dead or alive. AND THAT'S ONLY THEIR SAD LENGTHY OBITUARY... Not hers.

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