Sunday, September 13, 2020

A deeper meaning to our content vs our form

I’m in my feelings again today about a dream I had the night before last. His angelic mother stepped into my 3D dream realm and asked me to think of him again. Red hot angry face emoji. 😡 He’s married and still making babies, madam. We’re not even friends anymore. For years! You know this. He’s not happy? And? As alluring as he was in his twenties, he could never be drawn in to my Dallas Girl perspective. I mean, the man loves Walmart! Big hairyass question mark. Please try  elsewhere. I’m not going to check on him anymore.//

This is a personal dedication post. I am writing this and personally sending it to the handful of black and white men who thought they meant something to me. This is also for guy friends who love to tell me how beautiful they think my eyes are. And thank you Preston for being one of two true friends who has never! done just that to me, but always address me as a beloved and protected sister. And to the two - three white women formerly in my circle who only saw the image of me, this is to help you understand why we can’t be friends anymore. And to the white women I trust; take this moment to inhale my gratitude for getting to know me. And this is for Twillow, as well.  The one black women I’ve worked with, with a master’s in miseducation, who wouldn’t breathe deeply for the movement and fucking disappointed me by not rising to the occasion when you should have. And to the black women I know and adore, this video is shared to speak for all of you. Especially my mother. You strengthen me. And to my brothers.. Who see my hair first in photos and never acknowledge my tender heart, who seem to want me to get a man so I don’t expect so much of them..

Forgive the imposition if you’ve already seen, shared and saved this one. Or if you’ve profoundly gleaned from the thought provoking message within. A TedTalk that published on YouTube three years ago that has Beyoncé in the title, and is about race? Obvi. Which means it is about patriarchy. Which means it about white supremacy. Which means it is about privilege. Which means it is about black male patriarchy. Which means it is about colorism. Which means  it is conclusively about the evidence. And now is about time for some #real recognition across the board.... As we have become experts, since 1619, at perpetuating the fuckery of ignorance, abuse, bullshit and misuse.

It is true. All that glitters isn’t gold. What’s also true is.. all that glitters is not only for bootylicious entertainment purposes. Glitter also has a holy-spiritual practical functional purpose. 

But first.. watch this video.

 Anyone can teach you about love. I can make you good at it!

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