Tuesday, February 2, 2021

WK1 Exploration: Start A Blog & Tell A Story

Before I started Full Sail, a traumatic brain injury wreaked insanity and uncertainty on my life.

I always thought I wanted to work by day, and create by night.

But then, I returned to work as the doctors ordered, and my injury worsened.

Because of that, I was forced to resign from the harassment of management and their wretched 'work or be disciplined' policy.

Because of that, I was losing my creative bent- working with people who didn't care two-cents about my well-being.

Because of that, a friend sent a link to FSU where she was enrolled, suggesting I consider the Creative Writing degree program.

Until finally, I decided again, that investing in the cost of art school at fifty, was more rewarding than surviving in the kraken -that is corporate America.

And ever since then, I am focused on my healing, whilst curating the #spiritjewelsofmamashouse photo series, whilst embracing my studies and prospective career in Digital Cinematography.    

 Anyone can teach you about love.  I can make you good at it.

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