Tuesday, October 19, 2021

For Síocháin and Colin Powell

You don’t realize how precious and protective immunity is until you’re in recovery from something epic that crushed huge parts of your physical strength, your personality and your existence during a pandemic. So while I  indulge in soundscapes to find myself, another good person dies from Covid-19.

Then some weasel has the audacity to compare apples to oranges? Colin Powell to Herman Cane?

Seriously, y’all?

Colin Powell did not want to die from complications of Covid. Nor did he want to die from cancer and whatever else was ailing him at 85 years of good life. I am of the mindset that the sickest people live the longest. Unless you are immune comprised and doing everything you can to live well during a deadly pandemic in the bless-ed 21st century.  The era of American folks not giving too many fucks about others. Herman Cane’s end of life was tragic. Put aside HIS politics and he’s still dead from Covid. He was a Trump-pet and anti-madker, pre-vaccine. Would have probably been an anti-vaxxer. And he’s still dead from Covid. Did he care? Who nows? 

Today I cradle in the aftershock of the loss of General Powell from Covid, even though every once in a while I think about the tragedy that was Herman Cane’s right to die.  And I can’t  thank my good sense enough for keeping  me well in this turmoil. Getting tamed by a new normal has always been the story our lives. How did our great grandmothers get along without tampons? We know how they got along without condoms.  Those didn’t exist for their benefit. But now we do have remedies and feasible protections from Covid and so many who give little fucks are carriers and spreaders.     


Nothing or no one is pure. Not even if you’re White. Not even for the cause of Siochain, “Peace” (pronounced she-ukh-awn in Irish Gaelic). We must not scrounge. We must protect each other. I must care about other people who are immune compromised and  allergic to the spreaders. The General was vaccinated and still died. Not because he got Covid. But because someone gave it to him.

No place is safe anymore. Everyone is scared. Everyone is scarred. And so it is. Taming the wind for self preservation is not going to save us. Take your own foul breath and life, let me keep mine together with my focus on wellness for self and others. Sick people want to live, even if your well walking dead-azz doesn’t want to. I’ll inhale. You'll exhale. Right is not my point. Nor are your feelings. 

And do not compare apples to oranges. 



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