Monday, January 10, 2022

No Better Stigma Than A Cane

If you see me walking down the street, and I’m using a cane.. 
Walk on by...
Walk on by... &
Let me tell you why..

First let’s talk about why someone, no matter her savoir-faire, her style, her status, her seniority, would not use a cane if she needs to. In my mind it would only be a matter of pride, or differently put, she’s in her feeling and fears about appearing old or disabled to others.. (Pride).

As for me and my beautiful ass and brain, we intend to remain upright as best we can, whilst in a pedestrian flow. 

My skull hit the bricks once, and my tailbone, too. This fucking TBI has invaded my entire ecosystem, and I’m just not that cute to not take my cane with me to navigate large spaces and long walks by myself.

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