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Series Photography for Moms: I've Got Her Back

I'm sort of a lazy photographer.  I never need to go too far to take pictures that are meaningful to me.  I usually find what I'm looking for at home or very close by.  I love shooting photos that will document something or tell a story.  I often discover, as I'm sorting through or deleting the hundreds of photos I take weekly, images that turn out to create a series.. Like, these two photos that were taken while sitting in the car at a chicken shack drive-thru with my brother and daughter.. You have to read the story to understand the photos.. Or like my beloved Urban Junk Journal photo essay. When I snapped those pictures over the course of a few months, I had no idea I'd use them this way. And during her freshman year in college, I took these photos (plus hundreds more) with my Samsung Galaxy 3 and the rest with a Nikon SLR.  All but those cell phone shots were staged and shot for my Finals project in Photojournalism.  The review and praise from my instructor, mean…