Monday, January 25, 2016

Series Photography for Moms: I've Got Her Back

I'm sort of a lazy photographer.  I never need to go too far to take pictures that are meaningful to me.  I usually find what I'm looking for at home or very close by.  I love shooting photos that will document something or tell a story.  I often discover, as I'm sorting through or deleting the hundreds of photos I take weekly, images that turn out to create a series.. Like, these two photos that were taken while sitting in the car at a chicken shack drive-thru with my brother and daughter.. You have to read the story to understand the photos.. Or like my beloved Urban Junk Journal photo essay. When I snapped those pictures over the course of a few months, I had no idea I'd use them this way. And during her freshman year in college, I took these photos (plus hundreds more) with my Samsung Galaxy 3 and the rest with a Nikon SLR.  All but those cell phone shots were staged and shot for my Finals project in Photojournalism.  The review and praise from my instructor, meant the world to me.  Plus I got an A.

For this post, "I've Got Her Back," these 9 photos were among 1900 others in delete hold on my phone, when I realized they were worth keeping.

I've got her back?  Well.. Yes, she is camera shy. But as her mom, I'm just that into every angle of her.  I have plenty of frontal and side shots, and yoga poses, too.  But I managed to get just as many good shots of her when she's going places and doing things with her back to me.  Give it a try! Mom. Dad.  You'll probably make 'em mad, but who cares?

intro to the back of her head

There are about 20 rear view shots of her in my  phone. These 9, I processed with filters and special effects apps to make them artsy for show-and-tell on this blog.  I'm glad I hadn't deleted them.







dig it! a 22 yr old who sips Merlot.  one word:  grown

For sure, these particular photos won't mean much to anyone but me.  She's not an infant, so I don't expect anyone to go goo-goo-ga-ga over them.  But if you've got a camera, you can be your children's best fan!  And don't pay attention to anything they say.  Just snap away anyway and tell them not to mess with your memories. They'll get over it, and I think they'll -- secretly enjoy it.

P.S.. Tossing in this "side view" shot for good measure.  She's a senior about to go to grad school. And this is my memory of her still not wanting me to snap her photo. This is perfect!

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