Friday, November 4, 2016

3 Ways I Get Personal About Peace (on Social Media)

Today is Blog For Peace Day 2016.  Thank you Mimi Lenox @ for starting a movement that gathers peace loving voices from the blogosphere..  

Truth be told I'm a peace troll on Facebook lately.. Fueled by the political shenanigans of Donald Trump. My blood boils when I come across social media friends who instigate and antagonize and snark and giggle as they hide behind the right to do so, after they've shared stuff that's designed to rub somebody else the wrong way. Certain cute and articulate fear & hate mongers with huge followings.. they are.  But it's their right to speak their truth that's giving their beauty an ugly scar.

So..  My peace offering?

1.  I'll go ahead and rebut it I feel like it. In the name of peace.  Gently calling out every derogatory and divisive meme with one of equal and opposite theme.

2.  Be direct and you shall receive.. gracious feedback from me. Passive aggressive word games, insults and put-downs wear me out. And in the name of peace, I won't even know what you're talking about.  So let peace to be still.. and don't go that route. 

3.  Embrace the unfriend button. I'd rather that than your unfollow, to be quite honest. I believe in being truthful, but not to be brutal, to someone else's belief in telling it like or is, every chance they get, is a big no-no.  In the name of peace, if you say and share things to provoke your audience to respond with self-righteous amens and praise hands and high-5s, be certain an honest corrective or contrary expression might be mine.

In the name of peace... 2016 and the beyond.


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