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When Will Our Culture Really Stop Hating On Women?

With this essay I am standing up for women in response to this meme posted on the Power of Positivity Facebook page.  

My position is this....
Every woman is strong by virtue of having a uterus,  a vagina, breasts, a brain, and a heart.  Even if she's had a hysterectomy, zero babies or eight, breast cancer, a heart attack. Even if she's been assaulted, abused, fired, lied to and cheated on... Even if she's CEO married to a CEO with 4 Eagle Scouts and 3 Prima Ballerinas for offspring.. Even if she's been accused and convicted... Every now and again she's entitled to play the victim, have some self pity, point the finger of blame ... and scream and have a freaking conniption and take a stand that she doesn't want to stand and f***ing deal!!  I'm kinda tired of other women and men labeling women and their emotions and reactions and realities... trying to make your ability to roll with the punches (right now) look like you've got it better going on.  You don&…

Now That We've Gone From Being Of Service To Being In Power

If you didn't get what you asked for out of this election, let's ponder why.  The race was on for a 100% transition. And if you've ever paid attention to high achievers, they get what they ask for.  Yes, when someone wins, somebody else has to lose.  
So the presidential candidate with a constituency most committed to their 100%, wins. 
Perhaps in the future or right now, as we look back and ask, how did this happen? You will realize a win in your favor would have taken more than the physical act of getting yourself to the voting booth, but it would have taken..  conviction and passion and voice and assembly and embodiment and energy.  The winners had that. The losers? Instead of operating out of faith were operating out of fear and hope.  sigh 
Don't curse the darkness now.  Light your candle anyway.  It's only for four years.
And one more thing.. If you have faith -Act like it. Please?

Anyone can teach you about love... but I can make you good at it!
| This origi…

All Good Kids Like Milk

If menarche marks a young adolescent girl's passage into womanhood, then teaching her to drive a car is a 1st of many steps that empowers her! My daughter is of the belief that now that she'll be a fully licensed driver soon, she can come and go as she pleases. Far be it for me to steal her joy.
For now, I'll just let her think she can come and go as she pleases.. I smile about the knots in my stomach at my lack of urgency for her to get behind the wheel of a car and go anyplace without me being with her. It must be that on some level, of which I am not fully conscious, I don't want her to grow up and leave. But that can't be true. I DO NOT want to inhibit her ability to grow in confidence and become her own person.
Ready or not, I just have to go ahead and open myself up to this opportunity for my own lessons on letting go and being vulnerable and having less and less control over her life, slowly allowing a transformation IN ME.. So..

At 9am sharp Sunda…

3 Ways I Get Personal About Peace (on Social Media)

Today is Blog For Peace Day 2016.  Thank you Mimi Lenox @ for starting a movement that gathers peace loving voices from the blogosphere..  

Truth be told I'm a peace troll on Facebook lately.. Fueled by the political shenanigans of Donald Trump. My blood boils when I come across social media friends who instigate and antagonize and snark and giggle as they hide behind the right to do so, after they've shared stuff that's designed to rub somebody else the wrong way. Certain cute and articulate fear & hate mongers with huge followings.. they are.  But it's their right to speak their truth that's giving their beauty an ugly scar.
So..  My peace offering?
1.  I'll go ahead and rebut it I feel like it. In the name of peace.  Gently calling out every derogatory and divisive meme with one of equal and opposite theme.
2.  Be direct and you shall receive.. gracious feedback from me. Passive aggressive word games, insults and put-downs wear me out. And…

Red (Nail Polish) in America

Isn't it something?... 
That when you find your perfect shade of red?
It's defective?