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Chapter by Chapter: The Legacy of Charlotte Rose. Telling Stories About Someone You Have Lost Can Deeply Influence Someone Living Now..

It was yesterday I lamented my younger cousin's loss along with other mourners -of the beautiful soul who was his mother.  It was also the 2nd time in fourteen months our family had been in this very church for a funeral. My cousin and I shared his paternal and my maternal grandmother, who passed away in 2016, whose house of worship we were in again, eulogizing another beloved lifegiver who'd come to teach us, then obediently report back to heaven on all lessons learned.
I couldn't help but notice the splashes of peachy orange hues getting much deserved attention in the  attire of some children, in laws, and sisters in Christ of my beautiful Aunt Beulah.  Her wreaths sprayed the sanctuary with bold peachy orange roses and hints of white carnations creating a conspicuous demonstration of an apparent old favorite color of hers.  At some point in my life someone stopped letting me get to know my aunt intimately beyond primary school, after she and my uncle were no longer marr…

Chapter by Chapter: You are great. Now, write your story.

Popular writer and speaker Natalie Goldberg says, "Write what disturbs you, what you fear, what you have not been willing to speak about.  Be willing to be split open."  
Oh boy.  The final edits of my book is definitely busting my ever lovin' chops. The self exploration and darn near psychic release that happens as I take, for example, 300 words and turn them into 3000.  Creating powerful characters from scratch is not what this book is about, but illuminating the powerful characters and their affect on my life through situational times.. 9 of them, to be exact!establishing the reality of my little glorious and sometimes chaotic world.  All because... as Hustle Man would say... "I'm tryna help you out."
Not everyone with major life drama or a series of extraordinary life events is meant to write a book about all of that.  As a human being, you do not have to force yourself to sit down and write a tome of virtuous techniques or odes to injustice to leave a…

Chapter by Chapter: Why Women Don't Tell About Sexual Harassment - Immediately

You are a person who has lived and breathed a lifetime of love and pain and trials and pleasures.  Now you have a story to tell.  Writing a whole book is daunting. I can help you break it down .. chapter by chapter, the little or large stories or vignettes of your life, to expose or heal..

The year is Twenty seventeen, and I know a young lady who rents a room in a house her employer owns. Yesterday she told me her boss sexully harasses her at work.  She says she needs her job, so she tolerates the abuse.. For now.  She's only 22 years old and a recent college grad.  She shrugs it off and says it was bound to happen in her career.  Her employer/landlord has reduced her rent to co-manage the home she lives, with his autistic young adult son.  She loves the perks of reduced rent and feeling like she's running things. She thinks her boss is wealthy therefore can get awa with anything.  I think he's a slob. They have taken a couple of business road trips together.  Car rentals …