Wednesday, August 19, 2020

19th Amendment, 100 More Years+ of Pussies Grabbing Back and Embracing The Nasty

If women had just accepted our reality as it was a hundred years ago, we wouldn’t have family planning and pilots licenses, let alone, the obligation to gut our current administration with our hundred years of hard earned voting rights! Hopefully, after November, we won’t need to spend eons more time and money undoing the destruction made by the kraken that is donald trump.

Last April 2019, I was asked to participate in a suffragette photoshoot by my friend and fine art photographer Jeanine Michna-Bales, whose brilliant response to a call for entry for an exhibition SUFFRAGENOW A 19th Amendment Centennial Exhibition, has left me immensely inspired.

Eager to glean her vibe and see her vision come to life, I and others played dress up in period costumes with suffragette banners and American flags and all! Together we channeled early twentieth century feminist icon the NY Times called “The poster girl of radicalism,” Inez Millholland.  I even managed to conjure Madam Walker for my vintage up-do.

Please read Jeanine’s inspiration for the project at

See the suffrage exhibition titled “Standing Together: Photographs of Inez Milholland’s Final Campaign for Women’s Suffrage; Photo Essay 2016 - 2020” here.

Humblebrag.. I am the woman in the “Women Hold Up Half of The Sky,” photo.

These are a few of my own behind the scenes photos taken in the Swiss Avenue Historic District of Dallas. Shot with my iPhone..

“Past Life Progression: Backs To The Future.”


“Dallas Suffragettes.”


“Clicking: Sounds of non hesitant bursts.”


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