Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Kamala Harris, “A Movement Towards Eliminating Sex Consciousness in This Man’s World”

Just because most Black Americans are Descendants of Slaves doesn’t mean we get to corner the market on blackness and the black experience in America. So now, if the hoteps and xenophobes of the black persuasion would just give peace a chance, we can get somewhere, and not be forever singing 🎵...hold on just a little while longer....🎵

“The art of being a woman can never consist of being an imitation of a man.” - Dr. Olga Knopf, Viennese Psychiatrist 

And that! Kamala Harris is not. Give this Black woman a chance at cultural and political intimacy and prowess and leave her womanhood out of it. Allow for her and allow for us to benefit from her feminism, her blackness, her maturity, her savvy and expertise. Give this mother of three full and independent credit for running into the fire of a stress-prone political life.  Give her some overdue respect as a person who can successfully (eventually) lead this country. 

Now is the time for folks to get over the bogus controversy of her past life as a Woman of Color in law enforcement. With her movement into the Executive Office, what better opportunity to use our votes to change unjust policies?

Bitching and moaning are old school pass times that solve nothing. We need to get our voting arms ready and use our voices to support Vice President Harris.  In the words of Barrack Obama “Let’s go win this thing.” 

 Anyone can teach you about love, I can make you good at it!

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